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RankNameRanked ClubDoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Heather Frederiksen-WalmsleyCo Manch Aq30/12/85DSE National Short Course MtSheffield002/11/08 1:39.63
2Emma HollisBorRedbridge20/01/92National Disability 25m Championships 2011Sheffield227/11/11 1:41.31
3Hayley MilneGrantham01/04/99Grantham Winter Club ChampionshipsGrantham423/11/14 1:48.65
4Jordan MargeryBridgend Cty02/05/92British Gas Swim Wales Open Winter ChampionshipsSwansea122/12/14 1:55.62
5Jeannie Darroch Carlisle Aq06/03/89BG Para-Swimming ChampionshipsManchester222/11/14 2:03.73
6Maisie Burnand-MartinBo Kirklees20/11/00Borough of Kirklees SC ChampionshipHuddersfield413/07/14 2:04.95
7Megan ShortSatellite05/03/98Cheshire County Championships 2015Macclesfield224/01/15 2:06.19
8Rebecca DonnellyBridgend Cty20/05/99DSE National Junior & Youth ChampionshipsSheffield201/03/14 2:11.02
9Olivia-Mae CameronGuildford Ct03/08/99DSE National Short Course MeetSheffield224/11/13 2:13.83
10Sallie PhillipsGloucester09/10/99British Gas Swim Wales Open Winter ChampionshipsSwansea122/12/14 2:18.76
11Levana HansonGloucester04/11/00BG Para-Swimming ChampionshipsManchester222/11/14 2:20.22
12Cambell PlantBingham Peng28/01/94DSE National Short CourseSheffield221/11/10 2:21.63
13Jodie FlemingColchester P07/12/93DSE National SC ChampsSheffield105/11/06 2:30.38
14Lorna TwomlowLeic Peng17/05/88DSE Open SC 2009Sheffield222/11/09 2:31.48
15Sophie LonghurstCo Derby18/05/98Derbyshire County ChampionshipsChesterfield213/03/11 2:32.72
16Morgan HollandChase25/05/03Chase Open Meet 2014Wolverhampton202/11/14 2:34.09
17Gemma CassettariCo Cambridge18/11/94City of Cambridge Summer Open MeetCambridge314/07/13 2:34.69
18Fabienne AndreMid Sussex20/09/96Lewes Club ChampionshipsSeahaven422/06/14 2:36.69
19Kimberley BriggsDroitwich11/08/88DSE National SC ChampsSheffield105/11/06 2:36.73
20Sophie GreyEaling21/08/97National Junior & Youth ChampionshipsSheffield201/03/13 2:37.06
21Genevieve HunterMaidstone29/07/02Maidstone Club ChampionshipsMaidstone418/09/14 2:38.29
22Eleanor CurringtonCo Cambridge24/06/92DSE National Short Course MeetSheffield224/11/13 2:42.21
23Paige MurrayLeic Peng28/08/93DSE National Short Course MeetSheffield224/11/13 2:43.19
24Catherine StottOldham Aqua08/12/99ASANWR Disability ChampionshipsLiverpool326/10/14 2:45.74
25Lauren CharsleyMid Sussex17/04/95DSE National Jun SC ChampSheffield107/03/09 2:46.57

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