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RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeetDateTime
1Thomas LittenStockport Mo92British Gas Championships 2014, Glasgow12/04/14 50.70
2Kyle ChisholmStockport Mo97British Summer Championships, Glasgow28/07/19 50.75
3Liam SelbyStockport Mo92BUCS Long Course Championships 2015, Sheffield22/02/15 51.16
4Thomas HowdleStockport Mo97Speedo and BUCS Long Course Swimming Champs 2020, Sheffield16/02/20 51.49
5Anthony WhittallStockport Mo052023 Speedo Junior National Championships, Irvine, California31/07/23 51.59
6Simon BirchStockport Mo85Speedo League A Final, Sheffield11/05/08 51.96
7Ciaran Beard-JonesStockport Mo95ASA Summer Nationals 2016, Sheffield03/08/16 52.00
8Thomas MossStockport Mo94BG ASA National Youth Championships 2012, Sheffield17/07/12 52.30
9Kaiden WelsbyStockport Mo05British Swimming Championships 2023, Sheffield06/04/23 52.34
10Frankie Docking-SmithSwansea Uni04Swansea Aquatic May LC Meet, Swansea06/05/23 52.86
11Daniel HeeleyStockport Mo90BG North East Region Youth & Senior Champs, Sunderland30/04/11 52.90
12Oliver SmithStockport Mo96Flanders Speedo Cup, Antwerp, Belgium25/01/14 52.96
13Reece GradyStockport Mo05City of Sheffield Swim Squad Team Steel Meet 2022, Sheffield25/06/22 52.97
14Dale CurtisStockport Mo92British Champs (50m) 2008, Sheffield04/04/08 52.98
15Lewis RobinsonStockport Mo97BG ASA National Youth Championships, Sheffield30/07/13 53.16
16Aiden SparlingAtlantis99SE East Midlands Region Champs 2019 Gala 3, Sheffield19/05/19 53.22
17Sam EdwardsStockport Mo92British Gas ASA National Youth Champs, Sheffield27/07/11 53.38
18Sean TurnerStockport Mo89ASA Youth & Open 2007, Sheffield28/07/07 53.44
19Matthew KinseyStockport Mo92Sheffield No Frills Meet, Sheffield30/05/09 53.67
20Harvey JonesStockport Mo01BUCS Long Course Swimming Championships 2023, Sheffield26/02/23 53.95
21Daniel CrosbyStockport Mo94BUCS Long Course Championships 2015, Sheffield22/02/15 54.03
22Nicholas BurrellStockport Mo95British Gas Nat Age Grps, Sheffield23/07/09 54.20
23Arthur BrustenStockport Mo95Stockport Metro April LC Open Meet, Stockport11/04/15 54.35
24Daniel KhodaverdiStockport Mo09Swim England National Summer Meet 2023, Sheffield04/08/23 54.39
25Evagelos XynarianosStockport Mo03City of Leeds SC National Qualifier 2022, John Charles AC16/04/22 54.44
26Jacob AtkinsonStockport Mo04Swansea Aquatics Long Course Open Meet 2022, Swansea08/05/22 54.49
27Tom McCabeStockport Mo05Stockport Metro Spring Long Course Open Meet 2023, Stockport11/03/23 54.52
28Jake ChristonStockport Mo06City of Leeds SC National Qualifier Meet 2023, Leeds15/04/23 54.54
29David GregoryStockport Mo92Plymouth Leander Open Mt, Millfield19/12/09 54.58
30Harry NeedsRomiley Mari92City of Sheffield No Frills Meet, Sheffield28/05/11 54.76
31Dylan ArzoniStockport Mo00BG ASA National Age Groups 2013, Sheffield25/07/13 55.53
32Stephen MellorStockport Mo85ASA Youth Championships 2003, Sheffield31/07/03 55.83
33Daniel PepperMarple89IPC European Champs, Iceland23/10/09 55.99
34George ScurryStockport Mo05Derventio eXcel April Meet, Sheffield02/04/22 56.01
35Joseph DeighanSwansea Uni03Arena National League 50th Cup Final, Cardiff03/03/19 56.05
36Harrison BrownStockport Mo01City of Derby 17th Long Course Level 1 Open Meet, Sheffield13/01/19 56.31
37Haydn BurnsStockport Mo06British Summer Championships, Sheffield28/07/22 56.43
38Robert BaileyStockport Mo95ASANWR Youth Championships, Manchester04/05/13 57.03
39Oliver EcobStockport Mo07SE North West Regional Summer Championships 2023, Liverpool25/03/23 57.24
40Cruz ChongStockport Mo07SE North West Regional Summer Championships 2023, Liverpool25/03/23 57.27
41Patrick HazlewoodStockport Mo87City of Derby 4th Open Meet, Sheffield09/01/05 57.42
42Sean PenterStockport Mo02Stockport Metro Qualifying Open Meet, Grand Central Pools14/03/20 57.69
43Martin BrooksStockport Mo85Rotherham Metro Long Course Mt, Sheffield20/04/03 57.81
 Joseph PorterStockport Mo97City of Sunderland Summer Splash 2018, Sunderland30/06/18 57.81
45Henry TaylorStockport Mo08SE North West Regional Summer Championships 2023, Liverpool25/03/23 57.84
46Luke CritchlowStockport Mo05North West Summer Festival of Swimming, Manchester24/07/21 57.88
47James EdwardsStockport Mo97ASANWR Youth Championships, Manchester04/05/13 58.06
48Alex BoyerSedgefield07SE NE Region Open/Youth Championships (50m) 2023, Sheffield30/04/23 58.08
49David PughStockport Mo02City of Sheffield Swim Squad Summer Meet, Sheffield20/07/19 58.14
50Ben MiddletonStockport Mo032018 SENW Summer Championships, Manchester29/04/18 58.15

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