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RankNameNumberRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Harry Needs26129Romiley Mari92British Gas Swimming ChampionshipsSheffield126/06/13 29.39
2Thomas Litten55557Stockport Mo92British Gas Swimming Championships 2011Manchester107/03/11 29.51
3Robert Bailey283559Stockport Mo95CO Manchester 1st Summer LC Open MeetManchester313/07/13 32.16
4Ben Middleton1178410Stockport Mo03Nova Centurion May Level 1 LC Open MeetNottingham111/05/19 32.17
5Liam Selby42378Stockport Mo92City of Manchester Open MeetManchester116/05/10 32.26
6Daniel Pepper21785Marple89City of Manchester Summer Non Qualifier MeetManchester312/07/14 32.40
7Jordan Cooley519777Stockport Mo99Chester le Street & Derwentside Burns Meet 2020Sheffield125/01/20 32.66
8Oliver Smith220627Stockport Mo96City of Sunderland New Year MeetSunderland117/01/15 32.69
9David Gregory57049Stockport Mo92City of Sheffield Teaspoon GalaSheffield418/09/11 32.99
10Simon Birch3689Stockport Mo85Scottish NationalsGlasgow022/06/01 33.06
11David Pugh814692Stockport Mo02City of Derby Eighteenth LC L1 Open Meet 2020Sheffield111/01/20 33.23
12Alfred Burns976037Stockport Mo022018 SENW Summer ChampionshipsLiverpool119/05/18 33.93
13Reece Grady1154850Stockport Mo05City of Derby Eighteenth LC L1 Open Meet 2020Sheffield111/01/20 34.00
14Joseph Harper419353Stockport Mo96Cheshire County ChampionshipsStockport119/03/11 34.06
15Martin Brooks536320Stockport Mo85Northern Counties Youth ChampsWigan004/05/02 34.26
16Frankie Docking-Smith1150365Co Chester042018 SENW Summer ChampionshipsLiverpool120/05/18 34.47
17Ciaran Kenningley1346868Stockport Mo05City of Derby Eighteenth LC L1 Open Meet 2020Sheffield111/01/20 34.54
18Davey Unwin1234300Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 35.02
19Daniel Warrilow1178409Stockport Mo012nd Summer Spectacular Sprint MeetSheffield301/07/17 35.13
20Joseph Mitchell471582Stockport Mo97Chester Le Street Burns Open MeetSheffield115/01/11 35.32
21Benjamin Foster788679Glossop02ASA North West Region Summer ChampionshipsManchester129/05/16 35.47
22Eric Ni Yan788973Stockport Mo98London Region Summer ChampionshipsLondon109/04/16 35.75
23Daniel Beattie957974Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 35.77
24Kyle Chisholm470039Stockport Mo97City of Sheffield 32nd Annual Teaspoon GalaSheffield321/09/14 35.88
25Kaiden Welsby1153344Stockport Mo05Manchester Open Meet 2018Manchester112/05/18 36.00
 Tom McCabe958561Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetStockport130/03/19 36.00
27Louis Hunter900339Stockport Mo02Stockport Metro Qualifying Window MeetStockport101/04/17 36.06
28Lewis Robinson297918Stockport Mo97Cheshire County ChampionshipsStockport119/03/11 36.14
29Max Kinzett1355519Stockport Mo04Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 36.27
30Haydn Burns1273589Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 36.28
31Thomas Moss154271Stockport Mo94Cheshire County ChampsStockport208/03/08 36.67
32Thomas Clark1262577Stockport Mo062019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester112/05/19 36.90
33Daniel Heeley22508Stockport Mo90Gateshead & Whickham LC Mt2005Sheffield029/01/05 37.25
34Luke Critchlow1158745Stockport Mo052019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester112/05/19 37.40
35Sean Turner19390Stockport Mo89Northern Counties Long CourseManchester029/11/03 37.50
36Sean Penter879706Stockport Mo022nd Summer Spectacular Sprint MeetSheffield301/07/17 37.51
37George Oxby1323378Stockport Mo052019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester112/05/19 37.55
38Adam Sherwood1445165Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 37.66
39Evagelos Xynarianos962870Stockport Mo03City Of Liverpool Splash & Dash 2019Liverpool324/02/19 37.76
40Sam Edwards63339Stockport Mo92Cheshire County ChampsStockport208/03/08 37.84
41Jonathan Cahill-Gee282226Stockport Mo95Cheshire County ChampsStockport208/03/08 38.84
42Jacob Atkinson1134725Stockport Mo04Stockport Metro National Qualification Meet 2018Stockport124/03/18 39.05
43Louis Ecob952181Stockport Mo062019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester112/05/19 39.10
44Kyle Briars1195985Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 39.15
45Finlay Pope957266Stockport Mo07MANCHESTER SNOW'PEN MEET 2019MANCHESTER307/12/19 39.48
46Connor Gallagher1391702Stockport Mo07Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 39.59
47Nathan Clare1118390Stockport Mo05Manchester Open Meet 2018Manchester112/05/18 39.82
48Daniel Triffitt282233Stockport Mo95Cheshire County ChampsStockport228/03/09 39.90
49Joel Donald762203Stockport Mo02City of Sheffield Summer MeetSheffield325/07/15 40.00
50Harris Rollaston1112072Trafford Met07Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools114/03/20 40.02

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