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RankNameNumberRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1GAVIN Johansen810982Montrose03Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 30.93
2Mackinley Skea537860Montrose01Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 32.16
3Ian Birchall24894Montrose87SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee207/09/02 32.47
4Innes Kelly909492Montrose04Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 32.79
5Adam Paterson1101440Montrose03Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 34.25
6Darcey Reid1157633Montrose03Carnegie Graded MeetMichael Woods Centre220/01/19 35.01
7Sophie Johansen895353Montrose05Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 35.45
8Ramsay Cook90019284Montrose06Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 35.64
9Skye Petrie55023Montrose95SASA Midland District SprDundee106/09/08 35.90
10Alistair Smith29858Montrose90SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee204/09/04 36.63
11Mhari Helen McKiddie289207Montrose98Dundee Aquatics Autumn Open MeetsDundee226/10/13 36.80
12Sarah McCallum28928Montrose86SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee207/09/02 36.94
13Rio Bryden933066Montrose05Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 37.08
14CAMERON Blair753694Montrose02Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC102/09/18 37.20
15India-Leoni Bryden1101417Montrose07Stonehaven ASC Spring Meet 2020Montrose Sports Cent215/03/20 37.64
16Amy Criggie28910Montrose88SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee207/09/02 38.60
17Deborah Brand51601Montrose95Midland District SprintsDundee201/09/07 38.70
18Louise Pert28940Montrose91SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee204/09/04 39.19
19Kaleb Simpson90005466Montrose08DCA Mini MeetDundee City Aquatics208/03/20 39.21
20Bethany Hall729971Montrose02SASA Midland District MeetDundee106/09/15 39.82
21Ben Thompson29855Montrose93SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee204/09/04 40.96
22Orla Faherty1240373Montrose06Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 41.16
23Micaela Reid1303856Montrose06Midland District Sprint ChampionshipsOlympia LC201/09/19 41.37
24Erin Stephen1101445Montrose03Aberdeen ASC Nifty 50s + 2018Aberdeen211/11/18 41.54
25Steven Keay52413Montrose94Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 43.39
26Lauren Mitchell28931Montrose91SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee204/09/04 43.78
27Iona Couineaux-Rice923231Montrose03DCA Mini MeetDundee215/03/15 44.21
28Shannon Tait844836Montrose03Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 44.83
29Stephanie McCallum28927Montrose88SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee207/09/02 45.11
30Olivia Dargie90005230Montrose08Stonehaven ASC Santa's Elves Meet 2019Stonehaven201/12/19 45.16
31Sean McDade90007733Montrose07Arbroath St Thomas ASC Spring Sprints 2019Arbroath224/03/19 45.67
32Ruby Clark1224829Montrose08DCA Stars of the Future 2019Dundee209/06/19 45.84
33Natalie Keay59769Montrose96Dundee City Aquatics MeetDundee216/03/08 47.40
34Cameron Howie56156Montrose95Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 47.56
35Darlene Ugbe810993Montrose01Dundee City Aquatics Stars Of The FutureDundee203/06/12 48.71
36Katie Sanderson810977Montrose03DCA Mini MeetDundee215/03/15 49.32
37Dayle Diplexcito52399Montrose95Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 49.98
38Jack Boyd1248035Montrose08Westhill District Minnows Meet 2018Westhill215/09/18 50.26
39Paul Rattray1174646Montrose08DCA Stars of the Future 2019Dundee209/06/19 50.98
40Thomas Blair1135822Montrose05Aberdeen ASC Nifty 50s + 2018Aberdeen211/11/18 51.44
41Evie Edwards90001821Montrose09Stonehaven ASC Santa's Elves Meet 2019Stonehaven201/12/19 51.98
42Jedrzej Burakowski1240376Montrose06DCA Stars of the Future 2017Dundee211/06/17 53.80
43Danielle Hall248889Montrose97Dundee City Aquatics MeetDundee216/03/08 1:01.28
44Alex Glennie863434Montrose04DCA Stars of the Future 2015Dundee207/06/15 1:01.35
45Dylan Jachnik1153904Montrose07Aberdeen Dolphins Novice GalaAberdeen214/05/17 1:06.62
46Matthew Blair1169469Montrose08Carnegie Winter Graded MeetMichael Woods Centre214/10/18 1:29.93

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