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RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Ian BirchallMontrose87SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee007/09/02 32.62
2Gavin JohansenMontrose03SASA Midland September SprintsDundee103/09/17 36.53
3Steven KeayMontrose94Midland District SprintsDundee201/09/07 36.61
4Mackinley SkeaMontrose01Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 37.44
5Skye PetrieMontrose95SASA Midland District SprDundee106/09/08 37.65
6Darcey ReidMontrose03SASA Midland September SprintsDundee103/09/17 37.82
7Alistair SmithMontrose90SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee004/09/04 38.37
8Innes KellyMontrose04Aberdeen ASC Nifty 50s + 2017Aberdeen229/10/17 38.81
9Bethany HallMontrose02Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 39.53
10Ben ThompsonMontrose93SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee004/09/04 39.76
11Sarah McCallumMontrose86SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee007/09/02 39.77
12Melissa DicksonMontrose00Dundee Aquatics Autumn Open MeetsDundee226/10/13 39.80
13Cameron BlairMontrose02SASA Midland September SprintsDundee103/09/17 39.90
14Amy CriggieMontrose88SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee007/09/02 40.18
15Erin CranstonMontrose96SASA Midland Dist SprintsDundee105/09/09 40.50
16Deborah BrandMontrose95Midland District SprintsDundee201/09/07 40.92
17Shannon TaitMontrose03Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 41.45
18Louise PertMontrose91SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee004/09/04 42.62
19Rio BrydenMontrose05Aberdeen Dolphins Novice GalaAberdeen214/05/17 42.82
20India-Leoni BrydenMontrose07Stirling Autumn MeetStirling217/09/17 43.55
21Natalie KeayMontrose96Dundee City Aquatics MeetDundee216/03/08 43.63
22Adam PatersonMontrose03Aberdeen ASC Nifty 50s + 2017Aberdeen229/10/17 43.71
23Lauren MitchellMontrose91SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee004/09/04 44.52
24Micaela ReidMontrose06SASA Midland September SprintsDundee103/09/17 45.55
25Emily BairdMontrose03Aberdeen Nifty FiftiesAberdeen230/10/16 46.24
26Cameron HowieMontrose95Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 47.25
27Stephanie McCallumMontrose88SASA Midlands District SprintsDundee007/09/02 47.61
28Jedrzej BurakowskiMontrose06Aberdeen Dolphins Novice GalaAberdeen214/05/17 47.63
29Iona Couineaux-RiceMontrose03DCA Mini MeetDundee215/03/15 47.92
30Mhari Helen McKiddieMontrose98Dundee City Aquatics MiniDundee214/03/10 48.12
31Sophie JohansenMontrose05DCA Mini MeetDundee206/03/16 49.42
32Katie SandersonMontrose03DCA Mini MeetDundee215/03/15 50.55
33Dayle DiplexcitoMontrose95Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 50.76
34Callum FletcherMontrose95Midland District SprintDundee202/09/06 51.55
35Orla FahertyMontrose06DCA Stars of the Future 2017Dundee211/06/17 52.53
36Logan MainlandMontrose06BODASC 5th Springtime Banded MeetBridge of Don222/04/17 52.86
37Dylan JachnikMontrose07Aberdeen Dolphins Novice GalaAberdeen214/05/17 53.19
38Alex GlennieMontrose04DCA Stars of the Future 2015Dundee207/06/15 54.04
39Thomas BlairMontrose05Aberdeen Dolphins Novice GalaAberdeen214/05/17 54.87
40Iona SandersonMontrose07DCA Mini MeetDundee206/03/16 54.95
41Erin StephenMontrose03DCA Mini MeetDundee215/03/15 55.42
42Danielle HallMontrose97Dundee City Aquatics MeetDundee216/03/08 56.95
43Leah TaitMontrose07DCA Stars of the Future 2017Dundee211/06/17 1:00.04

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