Event Rankings (All Time)

Male - Long Course - 50m Freestyle - Stockport Metro SC - All Time - Open Age Group

RankNameNumberRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Liam Selby42378Stockport Mo92BUCS Long Course ChampionshipsSheffield120/02/16 22.98
2Kyle Chisholm470039Stockport Mo97Arena Pro Swim Series USA 2017Austin113/01/17 23.71
3Jordan Cooley519777Stockport Mo99British Summer ChampionshipsSheffield129/07/17 23.95
4Oliver Smith220627Stockport Mo96BG ASA Youth & MC Championships 2014Sheffield110/08/14 23.99
5Simon Birch3689Stockport Mo85ASA National Champs 2008Liverpool110/07/08 24.08
6Daniel Heeley22508Stockport Mo90British Gas ASA National ChampionshipsSheffield116/06/11 24.16
7Giovanni Guatti1499936Stockport Mo03Chester le Street & Derwentside Burns Meet 2020Sheffield125/01/20 24.41
8Dale Curtis48701Stockport Mo92British Champs (50m) 2008Sheffield101/04/08 24.45
9Frankie Docking-Smith1150365Co Chester04British Summer ChampionshipsGlasgow127/07/19 24.56
10Thomas Litten55557Stockport Mo92ASA South Zonal MeetMillfield128/01/12 24.61
11Sean Turner19390Stockport Mo89ASA Youth & Open 2007Sheffield131/07/07 24.63
12Ciaran Beard-Jones466179Stockport Mo95Flanders Speedo Cup 2017Antwerp121/01/17 24.82
13Thomas Hamer728961Stockport Mo98Berlin Open Meet 2017Berlin108/07/17 24.85
14Sam Edwards63339Stockport Mo92British Gas Youth ChampsSheffield101/08/09 25.02
15Arthur Brusten1134753Stockport Mo95Stockport Metro April LC Open MeetStockport112/04/15 25.21
16David Gregory57049Stockport Mo92Plymouth Leander Open MtMillfield120/12/09 25.24
17Harry Needs26129Romiley Mari92British Gas Youth ChampsSheffield101/08/09 25.29
18Lewis Robinson297918Stockport Mo97Northern Area Zonal Meet 2014Sheffield125/01/14 25.38
19Ben Middleton1178410Stockport Mo032019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester127/04/19 25.63
20Matthew Kinsey50697Stockport Mo92British Champs (50m) 2008Sheffield101/04/08 25.64
21David Holt94485Stockport Mo85City of Sheffield MeetSheffield031/03/02 25.65
22Michael Gunning52981Beckenham94Burns Open MeetSheffield130/01/10 25.77
23Nicholas Burrell77563Stockport Mo95Burns Open MeetSheffield130/01/10 25.81
24Evagelos Xynarianos962870Stockport Mo03Swim Wales Summer NationalsSwansea129/07/19 25.87
25Stephen Mellor5961Stockport Mo85Stockport Metro 9th MeetStockport022/11/03 25.95
26Robert Bailey283559Stockport Mo95CO Manchester 1st Summer LC Open MeetManchester313/07/13 25.98
27Lewis Cottam940351Dukinfield05Swim England National Summer MeetSheffield131/07/19 26.01
28Daniel Pepper21785Marple89GB InternationalSheffield118/04/10 26.04
29Thomas Moss154271Stockport Mo94Cheshire County ChampsStockport228/03/09 26.14
30Jacob Atkinson1134725Stockport Mo04City of Derby Eighteenth LC L1 Open Meet 2020Sheffield111/01/20 26.23
31Harrison Brown828627Stockport Mo01City of Derby 17th Long Course Level 1 Open MeetSheffield112/01/19 26.27
32Kaiden Welsby1153344Stockport Mo052019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester125/05/19 26.48
33Daniel Crosby210776Stockport Mo94Stockport Metro April Open MeetStockport115/04/12 26.67
34Sean Penter879706Stockport Mo022018 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester128/04/18 26.72
35David Pugh814692Stockport Mo02City of Sheffield Swim Squad Summer MeetSheffield320/07/19 26.97
36Tom McCabe958561Stockport Mo05Chester le Street & Derwentside Burns Meet 2020Sheffield125/01/20 27.09
37Luke Woolstencroft181472Stockport Mo95Cheshire County ChampsStockport120/03/10 27.13
38Eric Ni Yan788973Stockport Mo98MCASA Long Course Open MeetGuildford114/05/16 27.17
39Louis Hunter900339Stockport Mo022018 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester128/04/18 27.19
40Patrick Hazlewood27453Stockport Mo87Stockport Metro 10th AG MeetStockport020/11/04 27.29
41Reece Grady1154850Stockport Mo05City of Derby Eighteenth LC L1 Open Meet 2020Sheffield111/01/20 27.30
42Dominic Powell1161634Stockport Mo03City of Sheffield Summer Meet 2018Sheffield321/07/18 27.37
43Matthew Davies42377Stockport Mo91ESSA Divisional GalaManchester315/09/07 27.49
44Luke Critchlow1158745Stockport Mo05Chester le Street & Derwentside Burns Meet 2020Sheffield125/01/20 27.61
45Dylan Arzoni798503Stockport Mo00National Arena League 'B' FinalSheffield122/04/12 27.66
46Adam Sherwood1445165Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Qualifying Open MeetGrand Central Pools115/03/20 27.82
47Maxwell Cooper1262585Stockport Mo052019 SENW Summer ChampionshipsManchester125/05/19 27.83
48Harvey Jones851853Stockport Mo01Stockport Metro Qualifying Window Meet 2016Stockport103/04/16 27.85
49Ciaran Kenningley1346868Stockport Mo05Chester le Street & Derwentside Burns Meet 2020Sheffield125/01/20 27.94
50Kristofer Raynes27422Stockport Mo90City of Sheffield MeetSheffield029/05/05 28.14