Individual Best Times (All Time)

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Long Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 28.5357531/01/15Yorkshire County ChampionshipsSheffieldNE1506211
100 Freestyle 1:00.1764701/05/16ASANER Regional Championships 2016SunderlandNE1600651
200 Freestyle 2:09.2866723/04/16City of Leeds National Qualifying Meet 2016LeedsNE1601641
400 Freestyle 4:36.3762623/05/15City of Sheffield Swim Squad No Frills MeetSheffieldNE1502121
800 Freestyle 9:39.3458516/02/14Yorkshire SA County ChampionshipLeedsCC40671
50 Breaststroke 39.2642328/02/16Yorkshire County ChampionshipsSheffieldNE1600701
100 Breaststroke 1:29.5037123/02/14Yorkshire SA County ChampionshipsLeedsCC40681
200 Breaststroke 3:06.4241522/02/14Yorkshire SA County ChampionshipsLeedsCC40681
50 Butterfly 30.2252828/02/16Yorkshire County ChampionshipsSheffieldNE1600701
100 Butterfly 1:05.6460919/03/16City of Sunderland National QualifierSunderlandNE1604411
200 Butterfly 2:23.4461201/06/14City of Sheffield No Frills MeetSheffieldNE43151
50 Backstroke 33.0954615/03/14Yorkshire County ChampionshipsSheffieldCC40691
100 Backstroke 1:10.2656602/06/12North East Region BAGCAT ChampionshipsSheffieldNER2221
200 Backstroke 2:32.9153410/06/12North East Region BAGCAT ChampionshipsLeedsNER2231
200 Individual Medley 2:32.4556614/02/15Yorkshire County ChampionshipsLeedsNE1506221
400 Individual Medley 5:27.1153923/02/13Yorkshire Age Group ChampionshipsLeedsCC30991

Short Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 27.9657408/11/15City of Cardiff Welsh Capital Open MeetCardiffWL1515882
100 Freestyle 58.2866607/11/15City of Cardiff Welsh Capital Open MeetCardiffWL1515882
200 Freestyle 2:06.5867021/11/15ASANER Regional Senior & Youth ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1515502
400 Freestyle 4:24.2569907/11/15City of Cardiff Welsh Capital Open MeetCardiffWL1515882
800 Freestyle 9:29.2059701/12/12ASA North East Region Senior & Junior MeetSunderlandNER2282
50 Breaststroke 37.6744616/10/16Yorkshire SA Winter CompetitionLeedsNE1620722
100 Breaststroke 1:23.5941511/10/15Yorkshire Winter CompetitionSheffieldNE1515482
200 Breaststroke 3:02.2940212/05/1312th Middlesbrough Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE30192
50 Butterfly 29.8554422/11/15ASANER Regional Senior & Youth ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1515502
100 Butterfly 1:04.8759621/11/15ASANER Regional Senior & Youth ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1515502
200 Butterfly 2:21.7460022/11/15ASANER Regional Senior & Youth ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1515502
50 Backstroke 32.5249116/10/16Yorkshire SA Winter CompetitionLeedsNE1620722
100 Backstroke 1:08.7351313/05/12Middlesbrough 11th Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE21832
200 Backstroke 2:27.5152825/10/14City of Leeds Grand PrixLeedsNE40222
200 Individual Medley 2:26.2057907/11/15City of Cardiff Welsh Capital Open MeetCardiffWL1515882
400 Individual Medley 5:23.7851419/01/14Doncaster Dartes Distance Time TrialsAdwickNE42184
100 Individual Medley 1:11.9348907/10/12Doncaster Dartes Individual ChampionshipsDoncasterNE27984

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