Individual Best Times (All Time)

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Long Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 30.9545028/02/04Yorkshire ASA ChampionshipsLeedsCCE0320
100 Freestyle 1:08.0044829/05/04Sheffield No Frills MeetSheffieldL1E1160
200 Freestyle 2:39.1735725/05/03No Frills Sheffield MeetSheffieldDME0860
400 Freestyle 5:40.1133611/05/03Radford 21st Open MeetSheffieldDMM1280
50 Breaststroke 40.7537829/02/04Yorkshire ASA ChampionshipsLeedsCCE0320
100 Breaststroke 1:30.7035730/05/04Sheffield No Frills MeetSheffieldL1E1160
200 Breaststroke 3:43.3624108/01/12Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldNE21014
50 Butterfly 38.3825713/02/00Surrey County Champs Gala 1Crystal PalaceCTY0620
100 Butterfly 1:48.1313608/01/12Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldNE21014
200 Butterfly 4:05.2512208/01/12Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldNE21014
50 Backstroke 39.3032624/05/03No Frills Sheffield MeetSheffieldDME0860
100 Backstroke 1:23.3233924/05/03No Frills Sheffield MeetSheffieldDME0860
200 Backstroke 3:19.5724008/01/12Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldNE21014
200 Individual Medley 3:06.3730924/05/03No Frills Sheffield MeetSheffieldDME0860
400 Individual Medley 7:33.6420203/02/13Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldNE31884

Short Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
100 Freestyle 1:10.6737309/10/10Yorkshire Winter CompSheffieldNE04702
200 Freestyle 2:35.7835920/06/99Cranleigh Open MeetCranleigh L CDMS0130
400 Freestyle 5:47.4330718/06/00Cranleigh Long Distance MeetCranleighDMS0550
800 Freestyle11:32.3533127/02/99Surrey County ChampionshipsGuildfordCTY0100
50 Breaststroke 42.6730721/11/99Hazlemere Designated OpenThe Herons, HazlemerDMS0300
100 Breaststroke 1:31.2231927/02/00Surry County Champs Galas 2-11GuilfordCTY0630
200 Breaststroke 3:20.1530322/06/97Cranleigh Open MeetCranleigh L CDMS0130
100 Butterfly 1:27.5124305/03/00Surry County Champs Galas 2-11GuilfordCTY0630
200 Butterfly 3:21.6820822/06/97Cranleigh Open MeetCranleigh L CDMS0130
50 Backstroke 38.4229821/11/99Hazlemere Designated OpenThe Herons, HazlemerDMS0300
100 Backstroke 1:22.6029526/02/00Surry County Champs Galas 2-11GuilfordCTY0630
200 Backstroke 3:00.3828819/02/00Surry County Champs Galas 2-11GuilfordCTY0630
200 Individual Medley 2:57.4732320/06/99Cranleigh Open MeetCranleigh L CDMS0130
400 Individual Medley 6:31.2429121/06/98Cranleigh Open MeetCranleigh L CDMS0130
100 Individual Medley 1:21.6933319/02/00Surry County Champs Galas 2-11GuilfordCTY0630

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