Individual Best Times (All Time)

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Long Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
100 Freestyle 1:14.6224816/04/05Edinburgh International AG MtEdinburghSCO1560
50 Breaststroke 41.5125729/01/05Scottish Schools ChampionshipsGlasgowSCO1500
100 Breaststroke 1:19.6636830/03/06Scottish National Open AGGlasgowSCO1931
200 Breaststroke 2:54.1238830/03/06Scottish National Open AGGlasgowSCO1931
100 Butterfly 1:27.8718217/04/05Edinburgh International AG MtEdinburghSCO1560
100 Backstroke 1:24.4023116/04/05Edinburgh International AG MtEdinburghSCO1560
200 Individual Medley 2:46.1032330/03/06Scottish National Open AGGlasgowSCO1931

Short Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 35.6818304/09/04SASA Midlands District SprintsDundeeSCO1400
100 Freestyle 1:10.2826130/04/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570
50 Breaststroke 42.0021706/11/04Aberdeen Dol Mitchell TrophyAberdeenSCO1450
100 Breaststroke 1:28.4424830/04/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570
200 Breaststroke 3:08.6126001/05/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570
50 Butterfly 40.9615004/09/04SASA Midlands District SprintsDundeeSCO1400
100 Butterfly 1:25.0118501/05/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570
50 Backstroke 39.7617404/09/04SASA Midlands District SprintsDundeeSCO1400
100 Backstroke 1:21.6321501/05/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570
200 Individual Medley 2:53.2425330/04/05SASA Midland District ChampsDundeeSCO1570

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