Individual Rankings (James Wilby - All Time)

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RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Adam PeatyLoughboro Un94World Championships 2017Budapest125/07/17 25.95
2Ross MurdochUniOfStirl94European Championships 2016London120/05/16 27.25
3Lawrence PalmerPutteridge92Team Luton April Long Course Meet 2018Luton114/04/18 27.31
4Craig BensonUniOfStirl94British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 27.33
5Mark TullyTranent92Commonwealth Games 2014Glasgow127/07/14 27.37
 James WilbyLoughboro Un93Commonwealth Games 2018Brisbane, Australia109/04/18 27.37
7Daniel SliwinskiPreston90British Gas Swimming ChampionshipsSheffield126/06/13 27.40
8Darren MewEllesmere Co79Plymouth Leander Open MtMillfield120/12/09 27.44
9James GibsonLoughboro Un80World Long Course ChampionshipBarcelona022/07/03 27.46
10Mark CampbellAberdeen Per91North District Age Group Championships 2017Aberdeen107/02/17 27.61
11Andrew WeatherittSt Ives91British Gas Championships 2014Glasgow114/04/14 27.64
12Euan InglisEdinburgh Un93British Swimming Championships 2017Sheffield119/04/17 27.65
 Zak AitchisonUniOfStirl98Swim Cup EindhovenEindhoven115/04/18 27.65
14Joseph WelsteadStirlingSwim90Commonwealth Games 2014Glasgow127/07/14 27.73
15Adam WhiteheadCo Coventry80Commonwealth Games 2002Manchester030/07/02 27.79
16Christopher Cook 79Commonwealth Trials 2005Sheffield109/08/05 27.82
17Lewis Clifford-StephensonBark & Dagen93British Swimming Championships 2017Sheffield119/04/17 27.86
18Chris SteeplesEtwall92British Gas Swimming ChampionshipsSheffield126/06/13 27.87
19Charlie AttwoodBath Univ97British Swimming Championships 2017Sheffield119/04/17 27.89
20Robert HoldernessStreet90Commonwealth Games 2014Glasgow127/07/14 27.93
21David MurphyCo Oxford98British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 27.99
22Mark ConroyPlymouth Lea91BG ASA Youth & MC Championships 2014Sheffield108/08/14 28.00
23Archie GoodburnWarrender Ba01British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.04
 George HopkinsSwansea Uni99British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.04
25Chris KerrWarrender Ba93British Summer Championships 2017Sheffield126/07/17 28.05
26Kristopher GilchristWarrender Ba8313th Fina World Champs2009Rome128/07/09 28.07
27Richard SpoorHalesowen92British Summer ChampionshipsSheffield129/07/15 28.10
28Matthew SheadMillfield89British Gas ASA National ChampionshipsSheffield116/06/11 28.12
29Gregory ButlerCo Derby00British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.14
30Marcus GardinerCo Bristol97British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.30
31Russell Smith 91British Gas International 2013Leeds107/03/13 28.31
32Andrew WillisBracknell902015 Flanders Speedo CupAntwerp124/01/15 28.36
33Gavin Brettell 76Scottish NationalsGlasgow022/06/01 28.38
34Oliver CrosbyCo Sheffield99North East Region ChampionshipsSheffield105/05/18 28.39
35Lewis FraserSwansea Uni00European Junior Championships 2017Israel130/06/17 28.41
36Mark WolfarthLiverpoolPen82British Long Course Champs2003Sheffield019/03/03 28.48
37Christopher JonesCo Cardiff81Scottish National ChampsGlasgow126/06/09 28.53
 James BroadyGloucester M91World University Games 2013Kazan, Russia114/07/13 28.53
39Benjamin StuckeyBark & Dagen95British Summer ChampionshipsSheffield129/07/15 28.56
40Craig ElliotCockermouth87Scottish National ChampsGlasgow126/06/09 28.60
41Luke SpainHillingdon92Swim England National Summer Meet (50m)Sheffield105/08/17 28.61
42Liam TancockExeter City85Scottish National ChampsGlasgow126/06/09 28.62
 James LewisCo Cardiff98British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.62
44James Parrack 67 Sheffield013/06/92 28.63
45Ian BlackTigersJersey89Commonwealth Games 2014Glasgow127/07/14 28.64
 Oliver TavernerMt Kelly01British Summer Championships 2018Sheffield125/07/18 28.64
47Douglas ScottSpencer91SG National Open Championships 2012Edinburgh129/06/12 28.71
 Daniel LimEdinburgh Un96Scottish National Open ChampionshipsTollcross128/06/18 28.71
49Dominic PollingBrighton97British Swimming Championships 2017Sheffield119/04/17 28.72
50Michael JamiesonEdinburgh Un8817th Luxembourg Euro MeetLuxembourg131/01/15 28.74

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