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Family Name  

Greater Gwent Fast Water Open Meet - WAL455

MemberNameDoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
858837Michael Allsopp02/09/01MaleCo Cardiff50 Freestyle  39.12139
858837Michael Allsopp02/09/01MaleCo Cardiff50 Backstroke  46.77112
858837Michael Allsopp02/09/01MaleCo Cardiff100 Individual Medley  1:39.70131
833904Holly Ahmed06/07/01FemaleCo Cardiff50 Freestyle  33.40336
833904Holly Ahmed06/07/01FemaleCo Cardiff50 Breaststroke  47.13228
925430Chloe Allford01/01/00FemaleCwmbran50 Freestyle  39.25207
925430Chloe Allford01/01/00FemaleCwmbran50 Breaststroke  49.65195
925430Chloe Allford01/01/00FemaleCwmbran50 Butterfly  47.50135
925430Chloe Allford01/01/00FemaleCwmbran50 Backstroke  49.26142
866503Rebecca Andrews12/09/00FemaleCo Cardiff50 Breaststroke  45.93246
866503Rebecca Andrews12/09/00FemaleCo Cardiff50 Butterfly  43.61174
866503Rebecca Andrews12/09/00FemaleCo Cardiff50 Backstroke  44.03198
866503Rebecca Andrews12/09/00FemaleCo Cardiff100 Individual Medley  1:34.24226
957536Mared Arch09/11/02FemaleCo Cardiff50 Freestyle  41.12180
957536Mared Arch09/11/02FemaleCo Cardiff50 Breaststroke  57.45125
957536Mared Arch09/11/02FemaleCo Cardiff50 Butterfly  51.29107

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