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Swim England North East Region Championships (50) - NE190135

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1107160Thomas Adamson03MaleDerwentside50 ButterflyH 28.42481
1107160Thomas Adamson03MaleDerwentside100 ButterflyH 1:02.84498
905979Samuel Akers04MaleCo Bradford800 FreestyleH 9:17.49533
905979Samuel Akers04MaleCo Bradford1500 FreestyleH17:58.76526
786808Shaheen Alghofari00MaleEast Leeds50 FreestyleH 25.81531
786808Shaheen Alghofari00MaleEast Leeds50 BackstrokeH 29.37545
786808Shaheen Alghofari00MaleEast Leeds50 BackstrokeH 29.43542
1286893Dominic Anderson04MaleMorpeth50 FreestyleH 26.81474
1286893Dominic Anderson04MaleMorpeth50 BreaststrokeH 33.61460
1286893Dominic Anderson04MaleMorpeth100 BreaststrokeH 1:17.17405
1286893Dominic Anderson04MaleMorpeth200 BreaststrokeH 2:49.56416
1286893Dominic Anderson04MaleMorpeth50 BackstrokeH 31.72433
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol50 FreestyleH 25.58546
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol50 BreaststrokeH 30.59610
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol50 BreaststrokeF 30.79598
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol100 BreaststrokeH 1:09.17562
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol100 BreaststrokeF 1:09.39557
890907Sean Armstrong00MaleLoftus Dol50 ButterflyH 28.48478
1261697Jack Ashurst04MaleTynemouth50 ButterflyH 28.76464
1261697Jack Ashurst04MaleTynemouth100 ButterflyH 1:03.97472
1261697Jack Ashurst04MaleTynemouth50 BackstrokeH 32.90388
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle50 FreestyleH 25.36560
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle100 FreestyleH 54.85625
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle200 FreestyleH 2:03.60562
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle50 ButterflyH 27.22547
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle100 ButterflyH 1:00.25565
1232239Callum Atkinson03MaleNewcastle100 ButterflyF 1:00.18567
45223Richard Ayre93MaleEast Leeds50 FreestyleH 25.30564
45223Richard Ayre93MaleEast Leeds50 BreaststrokeH 30.98587
45223Richard Ayre93MaleEast Leeds50 BreaststrokeF 30.73602
1221243Neave Abbey04FemaleTynemouth200 BreaststrokeH 2:55.43498
1221243Neave Abbey04FemaleTynemouth100 ButterflyH 1:10.08496
1221243Neave Abbey04FemaleTynemouth200 ButterflyH 2:35.75478
1221243Neave Abbey04FemaleTynemouth200 Individual MedleyH 2:35.69531
1221243Neave Abbey04FemaleTynemouth400 Individual MedleyH 5:25.22549
970805Leonie Aldridge03FemaleTynemouth200 FreestyleH 2:18.27545
970805Leonie Aldridge03FemaleTynemouth1500 FreestyleH18:57.62529
932651Milly Anderson02FemaleDarlington200 ButterflyH 2:41.23431
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds100 ButterflyH 1:10.84480
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 BackstrokeH 2:39.59469
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 Individual MedleyH 2:37.16516
778062Erin Atchison01FemaleMorpeth50 BreaststrokeH 36.46524
778062Erin Atchison01FemaleMorpeth100 BreaststrokeH 1:19.67521
778062Erin Atchison01FemaleMorpeth200 BreaststrokeH 2:49.85549
970470Niamh Atchison04FemaleMorpeth50 BreaststrokeH 38.60441
970470Niamh Atchison04FemaleMorpeth100 BreaststrokeH 1:20.35508
970470Niamh Atchison04FemaleMorpeth200 BreaststrokeH 2:54.66505
807682Emily Atkinson02FemalePeterlee50 FreestyleH 29.96493
807682Emily Atkinson02FemalePeterlee50 BackstrokeH 33.34529
807682Emily Atkinson02FemalePeterlee100 BackstrokeH 1:11.94524

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