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Swim England North East Region Championships (50) - NE190136

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1343339James Adkin07MaleCo Leeds50 BreaststrokeH 43.24216
1204261Callum Aitken06MaleYork City100 BackstrokeH 1:19.28279
1311832Hamza Al-Mas06MaleCo Sheffield200 ButterflyH 3:03.85223
1228553Finley Allman05MaleCo Sheffield50 FreestyleH 28.14410
1228553Finley Allman05MaleCo Sheffield200 FreestyleH 2:09.48488
1228553Finley Allman05MaleCo Sheffield200 FreestyleF 2:09.14492
1228553Finley Allman05MaleCo Sheffield200 ButterflyH 2:33.69381
1228553Finley Allman05MaleCo Sheffield200 ButterflyF 2:33.46383
1311741Sebastian Alwash06MaleStocksbridge50 FreestyleH 31.69287
1311741Sebastian Alwash06MaleStocksbridge50 BreaststrokeH 36.80350
1311741Sebastian Alwash06MaleStocksbridge50 BreaststrokeF 36.83349
1311741Sebastian Alwash06MaleStocksbridge100 BreaststrokeH 1:25.12301
1245174Samuel Antrobus07MaleStockton200 FreestyleH 2:25.05347
1245174Samuel Antrobus07MaleStockton200 FreestyleF 2:29.56317
1245174Samuel Antrobus07MaleStockton100 BackstrokeH 1:19.26279
1245174Samuel Antrobus07MaleStockton400 Individual MedleyH 5:54.04326
1245174Samuel Antrobus07MaleStockton400 Individual MedleyF 5:44.00356
1159963Matthew Atkinson05MaleStockton100 BackstrokeH 1:11.81376
1291712Ava Alderson08FemaleStockton50 FreestyleH 32.28394
1291712Ava Alderson08FemaleStockton50 BreaststrokeH 40.75375
1270350Lucy Allman06FemaleCo Leeds200 FreestyleH 2:20.65518
1270350Lucy Allman06FemaleCo Leeds800 FreestyleH10:02.34521
1270350Lucy Allman06FemaleCo Leeds200 ButterflyH 2:39.61444
1270350Lucy Allman06FemaleCo Leeds400 Individual MedleyH 5:28.96530
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds50 FreestyleH 30.55465
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds50 FreestyleF 30.52466
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 FreestyleH 2:26.44459
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 FreestyleF 2:22.15502
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds800 FreestyleH10:07.34508
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds50 BreaststrokeH 40.64378
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds100 BreaststrokeH 1:26.59406
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds100 BreaststrokeF 1:25.02429
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 ButterflyH 2:41.78426
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds200 ButterflyF 2:37.27464
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds100 BackstrokeH 1:14.50471
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds100 BackstrokeF 1:13.07500
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds400 Individual MedleyH 5:30.51523
1262041Anna Ashcroft07FemaleCo Leeds400 Individual MedleyF 5:23.75556

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