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ASA SWR Summer Championships - SW190490

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1306825Preston Abbensetts06MaleMillfield50 FreestyleH 29.00374
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS50 FreestyleH 26.08515
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS50 FreestyleF 26.03518
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS100 FreestyleH 57.20551
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS100 FreestyleF 56.58569
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS100 ButterflyH 1:03.07492
1106943Maxwell Adams05MaleTeam Bath AS100 ButterflyF 1:02.63503
1110350Thomas Agar06MaleGuildford Ct100 BreaststrokeH 1:25.17301
1110350Thomas Agar06MaleGuildford Ct200 BreaststrokeH 3:01.82338
1110350Thomas Agar06MaleGuildford Ct100 ButterflyH 1:20.77234
1110350Thomas Agar06MaleGuildford Ct200 Individual MedleyH 2:47.44315
1110350Thomas Agar06MaleGuildford Ct400 Individual MedleyH 5:52.98329
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea100 FreestyleH 1:09.52307
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea100 BreaststrokeH 1:31.87240
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea200 BreaststrokeH 3:15.65271
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea200 BackstrokeH 2:51.60277
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea200 Individual MedleyH 2:53.93281
1286036Panagiotis Angelakis07MalePlymouth Lea400 Individual MedleyH 6:05.85296
1207465Nathan Apps08MalePaignton100 BreaststrokeH 1:34.26222
1207465Nathan Apps08MalePaignton200 BreaststrokeH 3:15.80270
1207465Nathan Apps08MalePaignton200 BackstrokeH 2:57.12252
1100739Wilfred Arrowsmith05MaleTiverton50 FreestyleH 28.10412
1100739Wilfred Arrowsmith05MaleTiverton100 FreestyleH 1:02.14430
1100739Wilfred Arrowsmith05MaleTiverton100 BreaststrokeH 1:24.40309
1100739Wilfred Arrowsmith05MaleTiverton200 BreaststrokeH 2:55.33377
1100739Wilfred Arrowsmith05MaleTiverton100 ButterflyH 1:11.00345
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City50 FreestyleH 28.91378
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City100 FreestyleH 1:03.10410
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City100 ButterflyH 1:13.45312
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City200 BackstrokeH 2:36.64364
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City200 Individual MedleyH 2:36.43387
1352109Jake Ashelford06MaleExeter City200 Individual MedleyF 2:37.35380
1320815Daniel Axford-Smith07MalePoole50 FreestyleH 32.22273
1320815Daniel Axford-Smith07MalePoole100 FreestyleH 1:10.35296
1320815Daniel Axford-Smith07MalePoole100 ButterflyH 1:23.71210
1204363Edward Ayres06MaleDevonport50 FreestyleH 29.64351
1204363Edward Ayres06MaleDevonport100 BreaststrokeH 1:28.59267
804579Lucy Adamson05FemaleCalne Alpha200 BreaststrokeH 2:44.92600
804579Lucy Adamson05FemaleCalne Alpha200 BreaststrokeF 2:45.94589
804579Lucy Adamson05FemaleCalne Alpha400 Individual MedleyH 5:24.87551
1204193Erlina Ainsworth05FemaleCinderford50 FreestyleH 29.06540
1204193Erlina Ainsworth05FemaleCinderford50 BackstrokeH 35.60435
874019Lucy Allix06FemaleBarnstaple50 FreestyleH 29.76503
874019Lucy Allix06FemaleBarnstaple50 FreestyleF 29.75503
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield50 FreestyleH 29.00543
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield200 FreestyleH 2:22.64496
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield200 BreaststrokeH 3:00.53457
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield50 ButterflyH 32.10440
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield100 ButterflyH 1:12.97439
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield50 BackstrokeH 33.23535
1203860Phoebe Armes05FemaleMillfield200 BackstrokeH 2:40.28463
1113123Mackenzi Ashford05FemaleBourmth Coll200 BreaststrokeH 2:52.02528
1113123Mackenzi Ashford05FemaleBourmth Coll200 BackstrokeH 2:36.67496

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