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Family Name  

City of Newport SC Spring Open Meet - WL190510

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1352108Harry Allen09MaleExeter City50 FreestyleF 39.14138
1352108Harry Allen09MaleExeter City100 FreestyleF 1:33.42111
1352108Harry Allen09MaleExeter City50 BackstrokeF 48.9593
1352108Harry Allen09MaleExeter City200 Individual MedleyF 3:36.13130
852842Kasey Allen-Ridge04MaleCo Newport200 FreestyleF 2:05.18500
852842Kasey Allen-Ridge04MaleCo Newport50 BreaststrokeF 33.28436
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside50 FreestyleF 37.05163
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside100 FreestyleF 1:24.89148
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside200 FreestyleF 3:00.87165
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside50 BreaststrokeF 55.2895
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside100 BreaststrokeF 1:55.98110
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside50 ButterflyF 42.75132
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside50 BackstrokeF 44.68122
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside100 BackstrokeF 1:36.79128
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside200 BackstrokeF 3:17.75152
1381945Charles Amter-Collins09MaleSevernside200 Individual MedleyF 3:24.39154
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City50 FreestyleF 29.81313
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City100 FreestyleF 1:06.62306
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City200 FreestyleF 2:22.20341
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City50 BreaststrokeF 40.33245
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City100 BreaststrokeF 1:26.67264
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City200 BreaststrokeF 3:04.98276
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City50 ButterflyF 32.55300
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City100 ButterflyF 1:17.52238
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City50 BackstrokeF 37.10214
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City100 BackstrokeF 1:20.25226
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City200 BackstrokeF 2:38.44296
1294877Benjamin Andow05MaleExeter City200 Individual MedleyF 2:40.06321
1184725Oliver Andrews02MaleChepstow50 FreestyleF 29.19334
1184725Oliver Andrews02MaleChepstow100 BreaststrokeF 1:24.28287
1184725Oliver Andrews02MaleChepstow50 BackstrokeF 33.77284
1392765Rob Aviell Yumul04MaleAbergavenny50 BackstrokeF 35.68241
1210996Ffion Addecott02FemaleRCT Squad50 FreestyleF 31.44387
1210996Ffion Addecott02FemaleRCT Squad100 FreestyleF 1:08.41396
1210996Ffion Addecott02FemaleRCT Squad50 BackstrokeF 34.74403
1210996Ffion Addecott02FemaleRCT Squad100 BackstrokeF 1:12.54436
1210996Ffion Addecott02FemaleRCT Squad200 BackstrokeF 2:32.23480

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