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Woking 10th B/C Grade Octopus Meet - SE191160

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1380504James Acres09MaleEpsom Dist100 FreestyleF 1:40.2590
1380504James Acres09MaleEpsom Dist50 ButterflyF 54.8062
1380504James Acres09MaleEpsom Dist100 Individual MedleyF 1:51.2392
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking50 FreestyleF 33.26226
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking200 FreestyleF 2:31.95279
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking50 BreaststrokeF 41.98217
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking100 BreaststrokeF 1:34.54203
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking50 BackstrokeF 39.00184
1102529Samuel Alford06MaleWoking100 BackstrokeF 1:22.35209
1401950Alexey Andreev08MaleLeatherhead100 FreestyleF 1:15.52210
1401950Alexey Andreev08MaleLeatherhead200 FreestyleF 2:46.90211
1401950Alexey Andreev08MaleLeatherhead100 BreaststrokeF 1:40.52169
1401950Alexey Andreev08MaleLeatherhead100 BackstrokeF 1:22.02211
1475088Tomomasa Aoki08MaleWoking50 FreestyleF 35.24190
1475088Tomomasa Aoki08MaleWoking50 BreaststrokeF 41.88219
1475088Tomomasa Aoki08MaleWoking50 ButterflyF 40.74153
1475088Tomomasa Aoki08MaleWoking100 Individual MedleyF 1:28.40184
968727Findlay Armitage05MaleWoking50 FreestyleF 31.25272
968727Findlay Armitage05MaleWoking200 FreestyleF 2:36.03258
968727Findlay Armitage05MaleWoking50 BreaststrokeF 46.02165
968727Findlay Armitage05MaleWoking50 BackstrokeF 37.50208
968727Findlay Armitage05MaleWoking100 Individual MedleyF 1:24.71209
1297840Sharlene Afonso03FemaleSutton Cheam50 FreestyleF 33.38324
1297840Sharlene Afonso03FemaleSutton Cheam100 FreestyleF 1:16.08288
1297840Sharlene Afonso03FemaleSutton Cheam50 BreaststrokeF 43.16292
1297840Sharlene Afonso03FemaleSutton Cheam100 BreaststrokeF 1:36.72268
1297840Sharlene Afonso03FemaleSutton Cheam100 Individual MedleyF 1:28.79257
1173018Gemma Allen06FemaleWoking200 FreestyleF 2:33.71370
1173018Gemma Allen06FemaleWoking50 BreaststrokeF 44.91259
1173018Gemma Allen06FemaleWoking100 BackstrokeF 1:24.53275
1426721Zainab Amzart08FemaleSouthCroydon50 FreestyleF 48.70104
1426721Zainab Amzart08FemaleSouthCroydon100 FreestyleF 1:52.6788
1426721Zainab Amzart08FemaleSouthCroydon200 FreestyleF 4:06.3890
1426721Zainab Amzart08FemaleSouthCroydon50 BreaststrokeF 53.74151
1357759Gabriella Andrews06FemaleLeatherhead50 FreestyleF 34.03305
1357759Gabriella Andrews06FemaleLeatherhead100 FreestyleF 1:17.58271
1357759Gabriella Andrews06FemaleLeatherhead50 BreaststrokeF 43.65282
1357759Gabriella Andrews06FemaleLeatherhead50 ButterflyF 39.23240

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