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Family Name  

Coventry and District ASC Secondary Galas - WM191195

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1233758Alexander Allen07MaleStrat Sharks100 FreestyleH 1:20.63173
1233758Alexander Allen07MaleStrat Sharks50 BreaststrokeH 50.71123
1233758Alexander Allen07MaleStrat Sharks50 BackstrokeH 40.67163
1233758Alexander Allen07MaleStrat Sharks100 BackstrokeH 1:25.61186
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra50 FreestyleH 34.85196
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra100 FreestyleH 1:15.97207
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra50 BreaststrokeH 47.90146
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra100 BreaststrokeH 1:44.80149
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra200 BreaststrokeH 3:39.73164
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra50 ButterflyH 42.06139
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra50 BackstrokeH 41.41154
1241744Marcus Antrim06MaleBlythe Barra100 BackstrokeH 1:28.45168
1406080Nathaniel Antrim09MaleBlythe Barra50 FreestyleH 44.2695
1406080Nathaniel Antrim09MaleBlythe Barra50 BreaststrokeH 1:01.6868
1406080Nathaniel Antrim09MaleBlythe Barra50 BackstrokeH 48.8594
1406080Nathaniel Antrim09MaleBlythe Barra100 Individual MedleyH 1:55.0283
1419060Remi Ashe09MaleLeamington200 FreestyleH 3:39.7892
1419060Remi Ashe09MaleLeamington50 BreaststrokeH 58.8479
1131752Ben Atkins03MaleKingsbury50 FreestyleH 28.07376
1131752Ben Atkins03MaleKingsbury100 FreestyleH 1:03.65351
1131752Ben Atkins03MaleKingsbury50 BackstrokeH 33.69286
1383185Maryam Abdelaziz09FemaleSolihull50 FreestyleH 44.41137
1383185Maryam Abdelaziz09FemaleSolihull50 BreaststrokeH 1:01.51100
1383185Maryam Abdelaziz09FemaleSolihull50 ButterflyH 1:02.8958
1383185Maryam Abdelaziz09FemaleSolihull50 BackstrokeH 51.10126
1383185Maryam Abdelaziz09FemaleSolihull100 Individual MedleyH 1:55.58116
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry50 FreestyleH 31.71378
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry100 FreestyleH 1:10.19366
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry200 FreestyleH 2:29.51402
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry400 FreestyleH 5:26.13371
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry50 ButterflyH 36.60295
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry100 ButterflyH 1:21.49300
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry50 BackstrokeH 40.54253
1228458Angelle Agyemang05FemaleCo Coventry100 BackstrokeH 1:24.04280
955236Grace Allen06FemaleBlythe Barra100 FreestyleH 1:10.22366
955236Grace Allen06FemaleBlythe Barra400 FreestyleH 5:18.96397
955236Grace Allen06FemaleBlythe Barra100 ButterflyH 1:23.65278
955236Grace Allen06FemaleBlythe Barra100 BackstrokeH 1:22.40297
955236Grace Allen06FemaleBlythe Barra200 Individual MedleyH 2:55.30335
1170740Millie Anderson09FemaleCo Coventry200 FreestyleH 3:20.66166
1170740Millie Anderson09FemaleCo Coventry100 BreaststrokeH 2:05.55122
1170740Millie Anderson09FemaleCo Coventry50 ButterflyH 45.89149
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks50 FreestyleH 40.00188
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks100 FreestyleH 1:26.35197
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks200 FreestyleH 2:56.06246
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks50 BreaststrokeH 48.82201
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks200 BreaststrokeH 3:38.31234
1360918Lucy Andrews08FemaleStrat Sharks200 Individual MedleyH 3:26.71204
532268Elizabeth Aston03FemaleSolihull100 FreestyleH 1:07.79407
532268Elizabeth Aston03FemaleSolihull200 ButterflyH 2:59.77294
532268Elizabeth Aston03FemaleSolihull50 BackstrokeH 36.65343
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton50 FreestyleH 47.10115
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton200 FreestyleH 3:46.53115
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton50 BreaststrokeH 58.47117
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton200 BreaststrokeH 4:31.91121
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton50 ButterflyH 59.2469
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton50 BackstrokeH 52.93114
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton200 BackstrokeH 4:00.22122
1424857Breanna Atkins09FemaleNuneaton100 Individual MedleyH 1:55.25117

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