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Family Name  

Portsmouth Northsea May Long Course Sprint Meet - SE191329

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1280578Mason Adams-Donohoe06MaleRyde SC50 FreestyleF 36.71184
1280578Mason Adams-Donohoe06MaleRyde SC100 FreestyleF 1:19.87202
1280578Mason Adams-Donohoe06MaleRyde SC50 BreaststrokeF 44.72195
1280578Mason Adams-Donohoe06MaleRyde SC100 BreaststrokeF 1:44.17164
1280578Mason Adams-Donohoe06MaleRyde SC100 BackstrokeF 1:29.17196
1428179Fraser Adamson09MaleCo South'ton50 FreestyleF 36.49188
1428179Fraser Adamson09MaleCo South'ton100 FreestyleF 1:20.23199
1428179Fraser Adamson09MaleCo South'ton50 ButterflyF 43.70132
1428179Fraser Adamson09MaleCo South'ton100 ButterflyF 1:43.04113
1428179Fraser Adamson09MaleCo South'ton50 BackstrokeF 42.98174
1304145Ethan Angel04MaleHamble Aq100 FreestyleF 1:13.02265
1304145Ethan Angel04MaleHamble Aq100 BreaststrokeF 1:38.62194
1304145Ethan Angel04MaleHamble Aq50 ButterflyF 37.28213
1304145Ethan Angel04MaleHamble Aq50 BackstrokeF 42.48180
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 32.76377
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:12.11368
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 41.94344
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:31.34346
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 35.10337
969150Grace Adamson05FemalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:24.99278
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton50 FreestyleF 33.88341
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton100 FreestyleF 1:09.46412
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton50 ButterflyF 35.28332
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton100 ButterflyF 1:24.46283
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton50 BackstrokeF 38.39347
1428180Penelope Adamson07FemaleCo South'ton100 BackstrokeF 1:22.19351
1253551Jessica Adolpho-Pugh06FemaleGosport50 FreestyleF 33.21362
1253551Jessica Adolpho-Pugh06FemaleGosport50 BreaststrokeF 46.25256
1253551Jessica Adolpho-Pugh06FemaleGosport50 ButterflyF 36.59297
1253551Jessica Adolpho-Pugh06FemaleGosport50 BackstrokeF 38.19352
1306827Emily Ainsworth-Fletcher09FemaleWinchester50 FreestyleF 38.43233
1306827Emily Ainsworth-Fletcher09FemaleWinchester50 BreaststrokeF 52.64174
1306827Emily Ainsworth-Fletcher09FemaleWinchester100 BackstrokeF 1:39.45198
1363267Taeya Aitken07FemalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 46.80129
1363267Taeya Aitken07FemalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 1:00.86112
1363267Taeya Aitken07FemalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 55.9283
1363267Taeya Aitken07FemalePortsmouth N50 BackstrokeF 54.47121
1223421Elizabeth Allen04FemaleAlton & Dist50 FreestyleF 48.25118
1223421Elizabeth Allen04FemaleAlton & Dist50 BreaststrokeF 57.94130
1223421Elizabeth Allen04FemaleAlton & Dist100 BreaststrokeF 2:03.46140
1223421Elizabeth Allen04FemaleAlton & Dist50 ButterflyF 57.1178
1223421Elizabeth Allen04FemaleAlton & Dist100 BackstrokeF 2:04.64100
1482746Jasmine Allen08FemaleLocks Heath50 BreaststrokeF 1:06.8185
1311285Natalie Andrews07FemaleWinchester100 FreestyleF 1:31.03183
1311285Natalie Andrews07FemaleWinchester100 BreaststrokeF 2:05.42133
1311285Natalie Andrews07FemaleWinchester50 ButterflyF 49.38121
1311285Natalie Andrews07FemaleWinchester50 BackstrokeF 47.78180
1311285Natalie Andrews07FemaleWinchester100 BackstrokeF 1:42.27182
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath50 FreestyleF 36.42274
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath100 FreestyleF 1:19.81271
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath50 ButterflyF 38.56254
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath100 ButterflyF 1:29.54237
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath50 BackstrokeF 40.18302
1380839Charlotte Aris08FemaleLocks Heath100 BackstrokeF 1:25.33314
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 31.24434
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:05.06502
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 32.17437
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:10.96477
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N50 BackstrokeF 35.67432
1198608Amelia Ayling04FemalePortsmouth N100 BackstrokeF 1:14.90464

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