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Family Name  

Newcastle Swim Team Invitational Shrimp Meet - NE191388

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1377476Liam Attwell08MaleNorth Tyne50 FreestyleH 41.00120
1377476Liam Attwell08MaleNorth Tyne50 ButterflyH 58.3052
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land50 FreestyleH 36.01258
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land200 FreestyleH 3:00.71228
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land50 BreaststrokeH 51.93167
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land50 ButterflyH 42.96182
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land50 BackstrokeH 44.17196
1339766Isabelle Abraham07FemaleCo Sund'land200 Individual MedleyH 3:32.55188
1397419Sophie Almond07FemaleMorpeth50 FreestyleH 37.06236
1397419Sophie Almond07FemaleMorpeth50 ButterflyH 42.63187
1397419Sophie Almond07FemaleMorpeth200 Individual MedleyH 3:11.92255
1365890Sophie Angus09FemaleGates &Whick50 FreestyleH 40.74178
1365890Sophie Angus09FemaleGates &Whick200 FreestyleH 3:20.22167
1365890Sophie Angus09FemaleGates &Whick50 BreaststrokeH 55.93134
1365890Sophie Angus09FemaleGates &Whick50 ButterflyH 53.9792
1365890Sophie Angus09FemaleGates &Whick50 BackstrokeH 49.22141
1429528Ellie Armory09FemaleGates &Whick50 FreestyleH 43.47146
1429528Ellie Armory09FemaleGates &Whick50 BreaststrokeH 59.62110
1429528Ellie Armory09FemaleGates &Whick50 BackstrokeH 47.39158
1389893Ellis Armstrong07FemaleNorth Tyne50 FreestyleH 32.56349
1389893Ellis Armstrong07FemaleNorth Tyne50 ButterflyH 41.13208
1434817Evie Armstrong10FemaleNewcastle50 FreestyleH 51.8586
1434817Evie Armstrong10FemaleNewcastle50 BreaststrokeH 1:06.5179
1434817Evie Armstrong10FemaleNewcastle50 BackstrokeH 57.1390

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