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Amman Valley Open Meet 2019 - WL191483

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1459427Lewis Ashton09MaleAberystwyth100 FreestyleF 1:58.2454
1338861Eve Abell07FemaleNeath50 FreestyleF 46.68118
1338861Eve Abell07FemaleNeath100 BreaststrokeF 2:35.4864
1338861Eve Abell07FemaleNeath100 BackstrokeF 2:07.2380
1408596Mia Adams08FemaleFishguard100 FreestyleF 1:47.69101
1408596Mia Adams08FemaleFishguard100 BreaststrokeF 2:18.6790
1408596Mia Adams08FemaleFishguard50 BackstrokeF 53.41111
1408596Mia Adams08FemaleFishguard100 Individual MedleyF 2:12.8876
1379792Tania Almasraf07FemaleNeath50 FreestyleF 37.44229
1379792Tania Almasraf07FemaleNeath50 BreaststrokeF 50.02187
1379792Tania Almasraf07FemaleNeath50 BackstrokeF 45.87175
1212887Ellie Arnold06FemaleSwansea Aq50 FreestyleF 35.51269
1212887Ellie Arnold06FemaleSwansea Aq50 BreaststrokeF 45.17254
1212887Ellie Arnold06FemaleSwansea Aq100 BreaststrokeF 1:36.31271
1212887Ellie Arnold06FemaleSwansea Aq100 Individual MedleyF 1:28.40261
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn100 FreestyleF 1:22.29227
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn100 BreaststrokeF 1:53.16167
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn50 ButterflyF 45.53153
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn100 ButterflyF 1:50.70120
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn100 BackstrokeF 1:33.61203
1365432Lily Arnold08FemaleMilford Havn100 Individual MedleyF 1:39.16185
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol50 BreaststrokeF 52.29164
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol100 BreaststrokeF 1:52.47170
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol50 ButterflyF 52.12102
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol50 BackstrokeF 45.31181
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol100 BackstrokeF 1:40.43164
1353993Elaina Ayers09FemalePenyrheol100 Individual MedleyF 1:43.77161

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