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SE East Midlands Region Champs 2019 Gala 2 - EM191624

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings50 FreestyleH 26.52490
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings50 BreaststrokeH 32.31518
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings50 ButterflyH 28.84460
915172Oludaisi Adefisan00MaleNova Cent'n50 FreestyleH 28.66388
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio50 FreestyleH 26.40496
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio50 BreaststrokeH 30.24631
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio50 BreaststrokeF 30.62608
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio50 FreestyleH 26.23506
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio50 BreaststrokeH 34.22436
878786Mia Alexander02FemaleBraunstone50 BreaststrokeH 36.43525
878786Mia Alexander02FemaleBraunstone50 ButterflyH 31.79453
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 FreestyleH 27.29652
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 FreestyleF 26.92679
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 ButterflyH 29.17587
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 ButterflyF 28.59623
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 BackstrokeH 30.61684
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un50 BackstrokeF 30.12718
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n50 FreestyleH 29.78502
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n800 FreestyleH 9:50.65552
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n50 BackstrokeH 33.43525
961768Evie Allsop04FemaleFalcon Nttm50 BreaststrokeH 37.12496
1111356Grace Allsop02FemaleFalcon Nttm50 FreestyleH 29.71505
1116924Isabella Askham03FemaleLong Eaton50 FreestyleH 29.32526
1116924Isabella Askham03FemaleLong Eaton50 FreestyleF 29.54514
1116924Isabella Askham03FemaleLong Eaton50 ButterflyH 32.11440
25590Leanne Atkins86FemaleLong Eaton50 FreestyleH 28.57568
910636Leona Atkins02FemaleCorby50 FreestyleH 30.18482
821503Maisie Aubrey02FemaleLincoln Vulc50 FreestyleH 29.27528
821503Maisie Aubrey02FemaleLincoln Vulc50 BackstrokeH 32.72560

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