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Family Name  

SE East Midlands Region Champs 2019 Gala 3 - EM191625

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings100 FreestyleH 56.82562
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings100 BreaststrokeH 1:14.45451
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings100 ButterflyH 1:01.71526
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings200 ButterflyH 2:24.07463
1114401Tom Adams02MaleDeepings200 Individual MedleyH 2:19.02551
941203Harry Andrew02MaleWellingboro100 FreestyleH 55.66598
941203Harry Andrew02MaleWellingboro100 BreaststrokeH 1:15.78427
941203Harry Andrew02MaleWellingboro100 ButterflyH 1:02.67502
941203Harry Andrew02MaleWellingboro100 BackstrokeH 1:05.64492
941203Harry Andrew02MaleWellingboro200 Individual MedleyH 2:21.51522
1109144Jake Armstrong05MaleCorby200 ButterflyH 2:40.10337
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio100 BreaststrokeH 1:05.55660
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio100 BreaststrokeF 1:06.04646
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio200 BreaststrokeH 2:31.15588
867228Toby Arnold01MaleDerventio200 BreaststrokeF 2:27.18637
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio100 FreestyleH 56.98557
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio200 FreestyleH 2:04.72547
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio200 Individual MedleyH 2:22.43512
862314George Atkin03MaleDerventio200 Individual MedleyF 2:25.70479
878786Mia Alexander02FemaleBraunstone100 BreaststrokeH 1:19.93516
878786Mia Alexander02FemaleBraunstone400 Individual MedleyH 5:37.96489
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un100 FreestyleH 59.05671
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un100 FreestyleF 58.07706
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un200 FreestyleH 2:11.26637
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un100 BackstrokeH 1:05.36698
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un100 BackstrokeF 1:03.22772
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un200 BackstrokeH 2:21.84669
483366Mollie Allen98FemaleLoughboro Un200 BackstrokeF 2:19.76699
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n100 FreestyleH 1:04.06525
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n200 FreestyleH 2:19.04536
1229998Sofia Allen00FemaleNova Cent'n400 FreestyleH 4:44.82572
961768Evie Allsop04FemaleFalcon Nttm100 BreaststrokeH 1:21.75482
961768Evie Allsop04FemaleFalcon Nttm100 BreaststrokeF 1:21.16493
961768Evie Allsop04FemaleFalcon Nttm200 BreaststrokeH 2:57.71479
961768Evie Allsop04FemaleFalcon Nttm200 BreaststrokeF 2:58.81470
1155634Caitlin Anders04FemaleGrantham200 BreaststrokeH 3:10.15391
1105091Emmie Arch05FemaleNorthampton200 ButterflyH 2:43.79411
25590Leanne Atkins86FemaleLong Eaton100 FreestyleH 1:03.47540
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un100 FreestyleH 58.79680
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un200 FreestyleH 2:03.88758
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un200 FreestyleF 2:03.91758
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un100 ButterflyH 1:01.23743
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un100 ButterflyF 1:00.00790
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un200 ButterflyH 2:15.58725
455029Charlotte Atkinson96FemaleLoughboro Un200 ButterflyF 2:12.50776
821503Maisie Aubrey02FemaleLincoln Vulc100 FreestyleH 1:02.92555
821503Maisie Aubrey02FemaleLincoln Vulc400 FreestyleH 4:57.59501
821503Maisie Aubrey02FemaleLincoln Vulc100 BackstrokeH 1:16.44436

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