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Family Name  

East Invicta Development Gala - SE191666

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
927108Connor Alecks06MaleHythe50 FreestyleH 31.93255
927108Connor Alecks06MaleHythe100 BreaststrokeH 1:35.22199
927108Connor Alecks06MaleHythe200 Individual MedleyH 3:11.34188
1318716Thomas Anstis08MaleDover Life50 FreestyleH 43.23102
1434002Archie Appleton10MaleThanet Swim50 FreestyleH 46.0185
1434002Archie Appleton10MaleThanet Swim50 BackstrokeH 53.1473
1290881Alejandro Armstrong08MaleDover Life100 FreestyleH 1:45.4777
1290881Alejandro Armstrong08MaleDover Life50 ButterflyH 51.5075
1290881Alejandro Armstrong08MaleDover Life50 BackstrokeH 54.4268
1430561Rosie Aireton-Brown08FemaleHythe50 FreestyleH 41.26171
1430561Rosie Aireton-Brown08FemaleHythe100 FreestyleH 1:38.72131
1430561Rosie Aireton-Brown08FemaleHythe50 BreaststrokeH 54.10148
1430561Rosie Aireton-Brown08FemaleHythe50 BackstrokeH 49.81136
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay50 FreestyleH 40.94175
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay100 FreestyleH 1:36.46141
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay200 FreestyleH 3:33.19138
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay50 BreaststrokeH 56.36131
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay50 BackstrokeH 45.02185
1452283Maddison Allen08FemaleHerne Bay100 BackstrokeH 1:39.40169
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life50 FreestyleH 38.16216
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life100 FreestyleH 1:26.73194
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life50 BreaststrokeH 46.32236
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life100 BreaststrokeH 1:45.41207
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life200 BreaststrokeH 3:42.60220
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life50 BackstrokeH 45.47179
1300790Elizabeth Anstis06FemaleDover Life200 Individual MedleyH 3:25.54208
1264967Maya Armstrong06FemaleDover Life100 FreestyleH 1:16.58282
1264967Maya Armstrong06FemaleDover Life50 BreaststrokeH 46.93227
1264967Maya Armstrong06FemaleDover Life50 BackstrokeH 40.43255
1239241Violeta Armstrong04FemaleDover Life50 FreestyleH 33.01335
1239241Violeta Armstrong04FemaleDover Life100 BreaststrokeH 1:31.77313
1239241Violeta Armstrong04FemaleDover Life50 ButterflyH 36.58296
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone50 FreestyleH 36.24253
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone100 FreestyleH 1:22.07229
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone50 BreaststrokeH 49.59192
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone100 BreaststrokeH 1:53.12167
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone50 ButterflyH 42.72185
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone50 BackstrokeH 44.00198
1145493Sophie Atwell07FemaleFolkestone100 BackstrokeH 1:30.58224

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