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London Region Festival of Swimming Meet 2021 - LR210141

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA Pts
1294210Josef Adams07Open/MaleChelsea&West100 FreestyleF 59.39491
1294210Josef Adams07Open/MaleChelsea&West200 FreestyleF 2:10.55476
1294210Josef Adams07Open/MaleChelsea&West100 BackstrokeF 1:07.56445
1294210Josef Adams07Open/MaleChelsea&West200 BackstrokeF 2:26.33447
1225696Samuel Addington05Open/MaleCamden Swiss100 FreestyleF 59.43490
1225696Samuel Addington05Open/MaleCamden Swiss100 BreaststrokeF 1:16.98403
1440275Yahya Al-Khudairy06Open/MaleTeddington100 BackstrokeF 1:10.53391
1440275Yahya Al-Khudairy06Open/MaleTeddington200 BackstrokeF 2:35.51372
1440275Yahya Al-Khudairy06Open/MaleTeddington200 Individual MedleyF 2:38.72370
1387677Ateeb Ali08Open/MaleBark & Dagen100 FreestyleF 1:20.33198
1387677Ateeb Ali08Open/MaleBark & Dagen100 BackstrokeF 1:24.88224
1143262Matthias Alvarado05Open/MaleCamden Swiss100 FreestyleF 1:02.85414
1143262Matthias Alvarado05Open/MaleCamden Swiss200 BreaststrokeF 3:02.95326
1267040Matteo Antonelli08Open/MaleW Lon Pengu100 FreestyleF 1:05.68363
1267040Matteo Antonelli08Open/MaleW Lon Pengu200 FreestyleF 2:23.34360
1267040Matteo Antonelli08Open/MaleW Lon Pengu100 BackstrokeF 1:13.14351
1267040Matteo Antonelli08Open/MaleW Lon Pengu200 BackstrokeF 2:37.35359
1269850Tao Ashdown-Parkes06Open/MaleCroydon Amph200 ButterflyF 2:54.52252
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham100 BreaststrokeF 1:23.79312
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham200 BreaststrokeF 3:03.84321
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham100 ButterflyF 1:06.54410
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham200 ButterflyF 2:44.53301
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham200 Individual MedleyF 2:36.96383
1422861Joshua Atotileto06Open/MaleBo Newham400 Individual MedleyF 5:42.11362
1335010Toluwani Adelaja06FemaleBarnet Copt100 FreestyleF 1:05.91482
1335010Toluwani Adelaja06FemaleBarnet Copt100 BackstrokeF 1:13.51477
956489Amy Allison05FemaleBo Waltham F400 FreestyleF 5:02.72476
956489Amy Allison05FemaleBo Waltham F200 ButterflyF 2:53.86343
1334400Klippa Andersson Harmon06FemaleSaxon Crown100 BreaststrokeF 1:23.85447
1334400Klippa Andersson Harmon06FemaleSaxon Crown200 BreaststrokeF 3:04.38427
1334400Klippa Andersson Harmon06FemaleSaxon Crown200 Individual MedleyF 2:50.74403
1244879Jessica Arundale05FemaleBarnet Copt200 FreestyleF 2:13.28609
1244879Jessica Arundale05FemaleBarnet Copt400 FreestyleF 4:35.47632
1244879Jessica Arundale05FemaleBarnet Copt400 Individual MedleyF 5:23.31559
1255181Emily Atkinson07FemaleBexley400 FreestyleF 5:14.90423
1255181Emily Atkinson07FemaleBexley100 BackstrokeF 1:18.84386
747899Jessica Ayling01FemaleRomford Town100 BreaststrokeF 1:12.53691
1378737Charis Ayodele08FemaleBark & Dagen100 FreestyleF 1:22.85243
1378737Charis Ayodele08FemaleBark & Dagen200 FreestyleF 3:03.50233
1378737Charis Ayodele08FemaleBark & Dagen100 BreaststrokeF 1:49.21202
1378737Charis Ayodele08FemaleBark & Dagen100 ButterflyF 1:42.06160
1378737Charis Ayodele08FemaleBark & Dagen100 BackstrokeF 1:36.95208

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