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Family Name  

MIDDX July Invitational Meet - LR210280

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA Pts
1448028Khalid Abdulahi07Open/MaleCamden Swiss50 FreestyleF 31.32266
1448028Khalid Abdulahi07Open/MaleCamden Swiss50 BreaststrokeF 44.23179
1448028Khalid Abdulahi07Open/MaleCamden Swiss50 BackstrokeF 38.58191
1448028Khalid Abdulahi07Open/MaleCamden Swiss100 Individual MedleyF 1:23.00209
1365112Felix Amdor10Open/MaleBroomfield50 BreaststrokeF 49.11131
1365112Felix Amdor10Open/MaleBroomfield50 ButterflyF 41.36145
1365112Felix Amdor10Open/MaleBroomfield50 BackstrokeF 41.58152
1365112Felix Amdor10Open/MaleBroomfield100 Individual MedleyF 1:29.74165
1399393Michael Ares11Open/MaleChelsea&West50 FreestyleF 35.74179
1399393Michael Ares11Open/MaleChelsea&West50 BackstrokeF 41.05158
1574201Daniel Augustine10Open/MaleChelsea&West50 FreestyleF 46.6180
1574201Daniel Augustine10Open/MaleChelsea&West50 ButterflyF 52.2772
1574201Daniel Augustine10Open/MaleChelsea&West50 BackstrokeF 47.81100
1482714Joseph Augustine09Open/MaleChelsea&West50 FreestyleF 35.09189
1482714Joseph Augustine09Open/MaleChelsea&West50 BreaststrokeF 49.02131
1482714Joseph Augustine09Open/MaleChelsea&West50 ButterflyF 42.97129
1482714Joseph Augustine09Open/MaleChelsea&West50 BackstrokeF 44.14127
1482714Joseph Augustine09Open/MaleChelsea&West100 Individual MedleyF 1:31.93154
1404261Zavier Awan07Open/MaleEnfield Sq50 FreestyleF 31.70257
1404261Zavier Awan07Open/MaleEnfield Sq50 BreaststrokeF 38.07281
1404261Zavier Awan07Open/MaleEnfield Sq50 BackstrokeF 38.99185
1404261Zavier Awan07Open/MaleEnfield Sq100 Individual MedleyF 1:22.23215
1286116Hissah Al Faisal09FemaleChelsea&West50 FreestyleF 36.80241
1286116Hissah Al Faisal09FemaleChelsea&West50 ButterflyF 44.74161
1286116Hissah Al Faisal09FemaleChelsea&West50 BackstrokeF 43.01202
1286116Hissah Al Faisal09FemaleChelsea&West100 Individual MedleyF 1:35.92204
1312281Maya Al Faisal09FemaleCamden Swiss50 FreestyleF 35.16277
1312281Maya Al Faisal09FemaleCamden Swiss50 BreaststrokeF 47.82213
1312281Maya Al Faisal09FemaleCamden Swiss50 BackstrokeF 40.15249
1312281Maya Al Faisal09FemaleCamden Swiss100 Individual MedleyF 1:28.42261
1347656Erin Andrews07FemaleCamden Swiss50 FreestyleF 31.14399
1347656Erin Andrews07FemaleCamden Swiss50 BreaststrokeF 41.68321
1347656Erin Andrews07FemaleCamden Swiss50 ButterflyF 35.14333
1347656Erin Andrews07FemaleCamden Swiss50 BackstrokeF 36.46332
1347656Erin Andrews07FemaleCamden Swiss100 Individual MedleyF 1:19.80355
1404263Zahra Awan10FemaleEnfield Sq50 BreaststrokeF 47.57216
1404263Zahra Awan10FemaleEnfield Sq50 BackstrokeF 42.57209

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