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Family Name  

Cheshunt SC Club Sprints 2021 - ER210345

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA Pts
1357653Harry Brunton05Open/MaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 34.05207
1357653Harry Brunton05Open/MaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 40.47234
1358763James Brunton09Open/MaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 47.0078
1358763James Brunton09Open/MaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 1:02.7362
1319543Ronald Bullen11Open/MaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 58.5140
1319543Ronald Bullen11Open/MaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 1:09.3446
1402277Alfie Bullock08Open/MaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 33.57216
1402277Alfie Bullock08Open/MaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 45.69162
1424150Frankie Bartup11FemaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 54.4174
1426396Molly Bartup08FemaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 34.60291
1426396Molly Bartup08FemaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 44.44265
1259718Evelyn Bullen10FemaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 38.88205
1259718Evelyn Bullen10FemaleCheshunt50 BreaststrokeH 52.05165

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