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Meet NameVenueTypeDatePoolLicenceLevel
Bromley SC Club Championships 2022Alleyn's SchClub Champs25/06/22SCLR2207944
Abertillery Piranhas Mini MeetAbertilleryOpen Meet25/06/22SCWL2210533
Mansfield SC Club ChampionshipsWater MeadowsClub Champs24/06/22SCEM2208794
Warminster & District ASC Club Champs 2022WarminsterClub Champs24/06/22SCSW2207994
Tewkesbury SC Summer Club Championships 2022TewkesburyClub Champs24/06/22SCSW2206344
Swindon Club ChampsSwindonClub Champs24/06/22SCSW2209544
Stuttgart International Swim Meet 2022StuttgartOverseas24/06/22LCGBR17801
Redditch SC Club ChampionshipsRedditchClub Champs24/06/22SCWM2209574
Oswestry Otters Speed Sprint 3OswestryClub Champs24/06/22SCWM2209634
Team Luton Mini Meet 2022LutonClub Champs24/06/22SCER2208124
2022 CWSC Club ChampionshipsKensingtonClub Champs24/06/22SCLR2212564
Herne Bay L & SC Club Champs 2022Herons PoolClub Champs24/06/22SCSE2205494
City of Stoke SC Club Championships 2022Fenton ManorClub Champs24/06/22SCWM2210034
Haringey Aquatics Summer Championships 2022Crouch EndClub Champs24/06/22SCLR2209654
BSS TYR June ClassicJacksonvilleOverseas23/06/22LCGBR17461
Calligo Tigers (Jersey) SC Puffins & PenguinsHaute ValleeClub Champs23/06/22SCSE2209084
Hart SC Club ChampionshipsHartClub Champs23/06/22SCSE2213494
Dunmow Atlantis SC Club Championships 22DunmowClub Champs23/06/22SCER2210494
Abingdon Vale SC 400m Club ChampionshipsAbingdonClub Champs23/06/22SCSE2214264
Granite LeagueAberdeenLeague22/06/22SCSCO19002
North Dorset Turbos SC In Club Time TrialsRiversMeet LCTime Trial21/06/22SCSW2208174
Herne Bay L & SC Club Champs 2022Herons PoolClub Champs20/06/22SCSE2205484
Wycombe District Duel in the PoolWycombeClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2213724
CSC 2022 Spring Distance & 50m Time TrialsWhitwickTime Trial19/06/22SCEM2212534
Mansfield SC Club ChampionshipsWater MeadowsClub Champs19/06/22SCEM2208784
Ealing SC Junior ARENA LeagueSwiss CottageClub Champs19/06/22SCLR2208384
Staines SC Club ChampionshipsSpellthorne LCClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2211944
Newcastle Swim Team Summer Spectacular Sprint MeetSouth ShieldsOpen Meet19/06/22SCNE2209113
Retford SC 27th Annual Open MeetSheffieldOpen Meet19/06/22SCEM2204353
Portsmouth Northsea Summer Novice International 22Mountbatten CenClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2208494
Atlantis SC Club Champs 2022HorshamClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2211104
Hitchin SC Club Championships 2022HitchinClub Champs19/06/22SCER2209874
Jersey SC 11th Summer SplashHaute ValleeClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2211164
CP Sport National Swimming Championships 2022Harvey HaddenOpen Meet19/06/22SCEM2207453
Hart SC Club ChampionshipsHartClub Champs19/06/22SCSE2213484
Lincoln Vulcans/Grantham Short Course L3 Meet 2022GranthamOpen Meet19/06/22SCEM2207433
Durham City Aquatics Summer Gala 2022Freeman's QuayOpen Meet19/06/22SCNE2212344
Meeting Arena La Roche Sur YonFranceOverseas19/06/22LCGBR17261
Chorley Marlins Andrea Lawless Meet 2022Darwen LCClub Champs19/06/22SCNW2213274
City of Coventry SC Development GalaCoventryClub Champs19/06/22SCWM2207344
Wirral Metro 3rd Summer Deveopment MeetBirkenheadOpen Meet19/06/22SCNW2211803
Hull & District SA Summer SprintsBeverleyOpen Meet19/06/22SCNE2208013
Altrincham SC Distance Championships 2022AltrinchamClub Champs19/06/22SCNW2213234
Worthing SC Sprint ChampionshipsWorthingClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2213544
Shropshire ASA Summer MeetWolverhamptonOpen Meet18/06/22SCWM2211133
Weymouth 50m & 100m Trophy Club Championships 2022WeymouthClub Champs18/06/22SCSW2207754
Havant & Waterlooville Swim Out of Your Skin MeetWaterloovilleOpen Meet18/06/22SCSE2211753
Wantage White Horses 50m Club ChampionshipsWantageClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2211154
Tynemouth Club Champs 2022Tynemouth PoolClub Champs18/06/22SCNE2212144
Mid Sussex Marlins SC 800m Time TrialTriangle LeisureTime Trial18/06/22SCSE2212094
Leighton Buzzard SC Splash Gala 2022Tiddenfoot LCClub Champs18/06/22SCER2213204
FST Club Champs 2022 - Sprint MeetStretfordClub Champs18/06/22SCNW2210734
Eastbourne SC Club ChampionshipsSovereign CenClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2202724
ESS Charlie Farnsbarns Invitational Junior MeetSouthbury LCClub Champs18/06/22SCLR2205794
Carlton Forum SC Club ChampsNottinghamClub Champs18/06/22SCEM2208874
Newbury District SC Club Champs 2022Northcroft LeisureClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2212284
Bromley SC Club Championships 2022New AddingtonClub Champs18/06/22SCLR2207934
Team Bath & Millfield National Preparation Meet L1MillfieldOpen Meet18/06/22LCSW2201461
Team Jorvik Viking Sprints 2022LeedsOpen Meet18/06/22SCNE2206213
TSC Licensed Training Session for Nat Arena LeagueHurst PoolClub Champs18/06/22SCLR2210894
Calligo Tigers (Jersey) SC 800m QualifierHaute ValleeClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2210574
Hatfield SC Summer MeetHatfieldOpen Meet18/06/22SCER2202552
Black Lion SC John Redding Gala 2022GillinghamOpen Meet18/06/22SCSE2210193
Activity Alliance Para-Swimming MeetCoventryDisability18/06/22SCDIS1312
T L Dallas Midsummer Meet 2022Clickimin PoolClub18/06/22SCSCO19013
Cirencester SC 2022 Club ChampionshipsCirencesterClub Champs18/06/22SCSW2208204
Chalfont Otters SC Club Champs 2022Chiltern LifestyleClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2212044
19th FINA World ChampionshipsBudapestInternational18/06/22LCINT3961
Hailsham SC Club Championships 2022BedeClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2209144
Borough of Harrow Summer Open Meet 2022Barnet CopthallOpen Meet18/06/22SCLR2207643
Alton & District SC Club ChampionshipsAltonClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2213704
Dulwich Dolphins Summer Club Championships 2022Alleyns DulwichClub Champs18/06/22SCLR2210414
Rushmoor Royals Club Championships 2022AldershotClub Champs18/06/22SCSE2211784
North Dorset Turbos SC In Club Time TrialsRiversMeet LCTime Trial17/06/22SCSW2208164
SwimRVA Summer Invitational 2022Richmond, USAOverseas17/06/22LCGBR17861
Newmarket & District SC Club ChampionshipsNewmarketClub Champs17/06/22SCER2208144
Team Bath & Millfield National Preparation Meet L3MillfieldOpen Meet17/06/22LCSW2214203
Maidstone SC Time Trials Series 2022MaidstoneTime Trial17/06/22SCSE2204484
Falcon ASC Club Championships 2022HucknallClub Champs17/06/22SCEM2207504
Championnat Romand Ete / Finale Regionale FuturaGenevaOverseas17/06/22LCGBR17243
City of Stoke SC Club Championships 2022Fenton ManorClub Champs17/06/22SCWM2210024
Crawley SC Club Championships 2022CrawleyClub Champs17/06/22SCSE2211424
Bridgwater ASC LL4 Fast 5 Time TrialsBridgwaterTime Trial17/06/22SCSW2208674
Hastings Seagull National Arena Junior LeagueBexhillClub Champs17/06/22SCSE2211494
Mansfield SC Club ChampionshipsWater MeadowsClub Champs16/06/22SCEM2208774
Lithuanian Youth/Junior MeetKlaipedaOverseas16/06/22LCGBR17183
Hart SC Club ChampionshipsHartClub Champs16/06/22SCSE2213534
Dunmow Atlantis SC Club Championships 22DunmowClub Champs16/06/22SCER2210484
Beacon SC Club Championships 2022Crowborough LCClub Champs16/06/22SCSE2208434
Netherlands National Championships 2022AmersfoortOverseas16/06/22LCGBR17421
Herne Bay L & SC Club Champs 2022WhitstableClub Champs15/06/22SCSE2205474
Beacon SC Club Championships 2022Crowborough LCClub Champs14/06/22SCSE2207874
Cirencester SC 2022 Club ChampionshipsCirencesterClub Champs14/06/22SCSW2208194
City of Norwich SC NAJSL R1-R3SportsparkOpen Meet13/06/22SCER2212593
Herne Bay L & SC Club Champs 2022Herons PoolClub Champs13/06/22SCSE2205464
Chalfont Otters SC Club Champs 2022Chalfont LeisureClub Champs13/06/22SCSE2212034
Wrexham Swimming Club Cath Ankers Meet 2022WrexhamOpen Meet12/06/22SCWL2213933
Woking SC National Junior Arena League 2WokingClub Champs12/06/22SCSE2213554
CSC 2022 Spring Distance & 50m Time TrialsWhitwickTime Trial12/06/22SCEM2212524
Mansfield SC Club ChampionshipsWater MeadowsClub Champs12/06/22SCEM2208764

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