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Family Name  

Commonwealth Games 2022 - INT397

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA Pts
966861Jack Allan03Open/MaleLboro Uni50 FreestyleH 24.98586
966861Jack Allan03Open/MaleLboro Uni100 FreestyleH 54.67629
966861Jack Allan03Open/MaleLboro Uni50 ButterflyH 25.51665
966861Jack Allan03Open/MaleLboro Uni100 ButterflyH 57.10649
784210Peter Allen01Open/MaleIo Man200 FreestyleH 1:57.48654
784210Peter Allen01Open/MaleIo Man50 ButterflyH 25.74647
784210Peter Allen01Open/MaleIo Man100 ButterflyH 56.80659
784210Peter Allen01Open/MaleIo Man200 ButterflyH 2:09.37620
1180684Nubia Adjei03FemaleSutton Cheam50 ButterflyH 30.16531
1180684Nubia Adjei03FemaleSutton Cheam50 BackstrokeH 30.97661
1180684Nubia Adjei03FemaleSutton Cheam100 BackstrokeH 1:09.12574
721889Freya Anderson01FemaleBath Univ100 FreestyleH 54.83838
721889Freya Anderson01FemaleBath Univ100 FreestyleS 54.15870
721889Freya Anderson01FemaleBath Univ100 FreestyleF 54.00878
721889Freya Anderson01FemaleBath Univ200 FreestyleH 1:57.59886
721889Freya Anderson01FemaleBath Univ200 FreestyleF 1:56.83904
413408Jessica-Jane Applegate96FemaleCo Norwich200 FreestyleF 2:08.56678
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey50 FreestyleH 28.76557
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey100 FreestyleH 59.74648
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey200 FreestyleH 2:06.47712
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey50 ButterflyH 28.51629
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey50 BackstrokeH 29.93732
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey50 BackstrokeS 30.06723
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey100 BackstrokeH 1:04.20716
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey100 BackstrokeR 1:03.73732
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey100 BackstrokeR 1:04.21716
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey200 BackstrokeH 2:17.47722
445211Gemma Atherley97FemaleTigersJersey200 BackstrokeF 2:18.53705

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