Results of Masters Meet by Swimmer

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Family Name  

Billingham Masters Meet - MAS944

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA PtsMasters Pts
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham50 FreestyleH 26.53438432
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham100 FreestyleH 57.64470476
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham200 FreestyleH 2:11.89427454
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham400 FreestyleH 4:48.16399412
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham50 ButterflyH 27.52493488
63224Gareth Allen92Open/MaleBillingham100 ButterflyH 1:00.31497484
442390William Appleby82Open/MaleWorkington50 FreestyleH 25.07520606
442390William Appleby82Open/MaleWorkington100 Individual MedleyH 1:09.69353417
506529Andrew Armstrong98Open/MaleBoldon50 FreestyleH 30.22296309
506529Andrew Armstrong98Open/MaleBoldon50 BreaststrokeH 39.82245268
506529Andrew Armstrong98Open/MaleBoldon100 BreaststrokeH 1:28.18246248
506529Andrew Armstrong98Open/MaleBoldon50 ButterflyH 36.31214219
372501Caitlin Adair99FemaleWorcester50 FreestyleH 32.57348333
372501Caitlin Adair99FemaleWorcester100 FreestyleH 1:10.88356361
372501Caitlin Adair99FemaleWorcester50 ButterflyH 35.17333309
372501Caitlin Adair99FemaleWorcester50 BackstrokeH 38.10291313
1634664Sarah Addison85FemaleDarlington M50 FreestyleH 32.85340357
1634664Sarah Addison85FemaleDarlington M100 FreestyleH 1:13.17323351
1634664Sarah Addison85FemaleDarlington M100 Individual MedleyH 1:27.78266294
1601088Melissa Alderson79FemaleAshington100 FreestyleH 1:51.2992106
1601088Melissa Alderson79FemaleAshington50 BreaststrokeH 52.17164197
1601088Melissa Alderson79FemaleAshington100 BreaststrokeH 1:51.61174205
1601088Melissa Alderson79FemaleAshington50 BackstrokeH 59.777593

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