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Family Name  

Portsmouth Northsea Level 4 Meet - SE4259

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 4:15.65104
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N200 Individual MedleyF 3:35.03132
1150826Olivia Beynon02FemalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 6:52.22184
1150826Olivia Beynon02FemalePortsmouth N200 Individual MedleyF 3:31.08192
941891Alexandra Bobrikova01FemalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 5:43.76317
941891Alexandra Bobrikova01FemalePortsmouth N200 ButterflyF 2:55.72315
941891Alexandra Bobrikova01FemalePortsmouth N200 Individual MedleyF 2:58.27319
950761Isabelle Bonner01FemalePortsmouth W200 BreaststrokeF 4:03.86168
929936Susannah Boydell03FemalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 3:28.12150
929936Susannah Boydell03FemalePortsmouth N200 BackstrokeF 3:33.20174
1115361Ruby Burnell04FemalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 3:27.38152

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