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Portsmouth Northsea Halloween Level 3 Meet - SE3792

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
515417Harrison Flemming98MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 29.35328
475394William Barnes00MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 30.45294
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 30.72286
1109607Harry Watson01MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 30.73286
781613Jack Metcalfe99MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 31.02278
843900William Whitlock01MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 31.67261
917526Benjamin Esposito99MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 33.04230
883193Patrick Carden99MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 33.50221
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 34.21207
863779Connor Hamilton00MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 34.77197
550310Joseph Packham03MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 34.78197
882186Ethan Carden01MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 36.01178
1115758Marcus Scullion03MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 36.80166
911790Miro Olan02MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 37.97151
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 38.25148
769986Harry Stone03MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 38.68143
856662Oliver Crockford99MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 43.51100
969274Carl Blastique03MalePortsmouth N50 FreestyleF 46.2983
515417Harrison Flemming98MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:03.47354
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:04.85332
781613Jack Metcalfe99MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:06.91302
1109607Harry Watson01MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:08.19286
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:10.07263
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:13.45229
882186Ethan Carden01MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:14.19222
863779Connor Hamilton00MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:14.68217
1115387William Spencer00MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:17.87192
385841Matthew Knight01MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:21.00170
911790Miro Olan02MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:22.38162
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:23.20157
941893Kai Cheung02MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:28.41131
1136132Joshua McCulloch02MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:31.45118
1150691Harrison Kennedy03MalePortsmouth N100 FreestyleF 1:50.3067
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:19.58360
781613Jack Metcalfe99MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:24.49325
1109607Harry Watson01MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:29.98290
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:30.90285
883193Patrick Carden99MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:37.53251
917526Benjamin Esposito99MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:38.46246
882186Ethan Carden01MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:40.70236
863779Connor Hamilton00MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:40.71236
917538Aidan Lamer01MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:47.41209
385841Matthew Knight01MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:52.60190
1115758Marcus Scullion03MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 2:53.29188
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 3:00.79166
475415Jack Goodwin03MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 3:07.19149
769986Harry Stone03MalePortsmouth N200 FreestyleF 3:11.53139
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 4:50.39390
781613Jack Metcalfe99MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 4:59.09357
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 5:21.27288
385841Matthew Knight01MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 5:47.22228
1115758Marcus Scullion03MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 6:14.90181
769986Harry Stone03MalePortsmouth N400 FreestyleF 6:41.72147
515417Harrison Flemming98MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 38.36285
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 39.75256
883193Patrick Carden99MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 41.98217
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 42.42210
843900William Whitlock01MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 42.91203
917526Benjamin Esposito99MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 43.33197
917538Aidan Lamer01MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 45.80167
863779Connor Hamilton00MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 47.63148
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 47.76147
969274Carl Blastique03MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 48.12144
911790Miro Olan02MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 48.67139
385841Matthew Knight01MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 50.08128
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 52.15113
941893Kai Cheung02MalePortsmouth N50 BreaststrokeF 55.2395
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:24.82281
475394William Barnes00MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:30.89229
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:41.75163
911790Miro Olan02MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:45.85145
856662Oliver Crockford99MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:51.08125
1136132Joshua McCulloch02MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:53.44117
385841Matthew Knight01MalePortsmouth N100 BreaststrokeF 1:56.33109
839484Matthew Whittenham98MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 2:59.66301
475394William Barnes00MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 3:04.49278
883193Patrick Carden99MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 3:16.73229
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 3:32.34182
1115387William Spencer00MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 3:34.84176
475415Jack Goodwin03MalePortsmouth N200 BreaststrokeF 3:36.04173
475394William Barnes00MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 31.20341
515417Harrison Flemming98MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 31.53330
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 33.79268
917526Benjamin Esposito99MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 34.56250
865329James Goodman01MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 35.56230
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 37.43197
882186Ethan Carden01MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 37.53195
550310Joseph Packham03MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 39.97162
863779Connor Hamilton00MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 41.48145
1115758Marcus Scullion03MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 42.32136
917521Liam Budd03MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 42.84131
911790Miro Olan02MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 44.24119
969274Carl Blastique03MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 49.3086
1150691Harrison Kennedy03MalePortsmouth N50 ButterflyF 57.3354
475394William Barnes00MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:11.31306
515417Harrison Flemming98MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:14.18272
893459Miko Olan00MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:24.18186
843900William Whitlock01MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:26.30172
781614Alexander Edge01MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:26.83169
475415Jack Goodwin03MalePortsmouth N100 ButterflyF 1:45.1795

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