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Liverpool & District Swimming Championship - NW2118

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
526786Ryan Warriner00MaleLiverpoolPen50 FreestyleH 30.73286
432464Neil Wylie00MalePrescot50 FreestyleH 30.87282
765889Benjamin McKenna00MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 31.35269
471054Callum Graham00MaleBridgefield50 FreestyleH 31.80258
724815Harvey Martin01MaleCrosby50 FreestyleH 31.84257
552383Isaac Lea00MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 32.17249
731138William Camden01MaleCo Salford50 FreestyleH 32.23248
764830Finley Hampson00MalePrescot50 FreestyleH 32.64239
800311William Woodward01MaleHalton50 FreestyleH 32.88233
767044Cian Porter00MaleLiverpoolPen50 FreestyleH 33.27225
715351James Pettener01MaleCo Liverpool50 FreestyleH 33.68217
859179Lewis McGhee02MaleRuncorn Reps50 FreestyleH 33.83214
516096Jack Ravenscroft00MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 34.31205
829450Daniel Clark00MalePrescot50 FreestyleH 34.48202
725268Jack Yates00MaleCo Ely50 FreestyleH 34.50202
478811Jamie Grayson00MaleBootle50 FreestyleH 34.56201
798642Leevi Gumbs02MaleCo Liverpool50 FreestyleH 34.76198
790381Nathan Hill00MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 34.90195
828573George Hill02MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 34.92195
819896Matthew Cook01MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 35.33188
817132Henry Knowles01MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 35.53185
834401Anthony Coles01MaleEverton50 FreestyleH 35.62184
801268Joseph Webb00MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 35.81181
801951James Russell01MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 35.86180
549295Samuel Kniebe-Evans01MaleBebington50 FreestyleH 35.87180
552892Jonathan Skilling00MaleWarrington50 FreestyleH 35.96178
749556Matthew Maher01MaleLiverpoolPen50 FreestyleH 36.02177
751989Jamie Spinks01MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 36.14176
725276Matthew Crawley00MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 36.23174
770235Alex Dunn01MaleGarston50 FreestyleH 36.47171
834418Owen Donnelly01MaleEverton50 FreestyleH 36.49171
829452Sam McDonald00MaleSt Helens50 FreestyleH 36.53170
830517Joseph Niven01MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 36.75167
828560Connor Healy02MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 36.81166
801256Logan Chadwick00MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 36.93165
852477Tobias Fox01MaleCo Salford50 FreestyleH 37.11162
834406Samuel Clarke02MaleEverton50 FreestyleH 37.14162
859904Kyle Davis02MaleGarston50 FreestyleH 37.26160
848687Daniel Johnson01MalePrescot50 FreestyleH 37.65155
870689James Forrest02MaleWarrington W50 FreestyleH 37.80153
741800Samuel Riley02MaleFormby SC50 FreestyleH 38.43146
707755Michael Pickstock02MaleEverton50 FreestyleH 38.45146
801276Brett Takemoto02MaleWarrington50 FreestyleH 38.80142
770231Jason Rawlins-Williams02MaleGarston50 FreestyleH 38.81142
883502Bradley Fairchild02MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 38.92141
801955Liam Thompson00MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 39.00140
854649Jack Vincent01MaleFormby SC50 FreestyleH 39.49135
794033Steven Grist02MaleBirkenhead50 FreestyleH 39.82131
817137Thomas Hill02MaleSouthport50 FreestyleH 44.7292

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