Results of Meet By Event

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Meet NameVenueTypeDateCourseLicenceLevel
SAS Time Trial 2 2019WesthillTime Trial15/09/2019SCSCO17082
Watford Club Championships 2019WatfordClub Champs15/09/2019SCER1928544
Flixton Trafford Borough Early BirdStretfordClub15/09/2019SCNW1920093
Stirling Autumn MeetStirlingOpen Meet15/09/2019SCSCO17182
WBC Championships Day 1 2019Michael Woods CentreOpen Meet15/09/2019SCSCO17522
Haddington 100s MeetMercat GaitOpen Meet15/09/2019SCSCO17302
Windsor 2019 Club ChampionshipsMaidenheadClub Champs15/09/2019SCSE1913704
EFDSC Club Champs 2019LoughtonClub Champs15/09/2019SCER1918454
Birkenhead Swimming Club Championships 2019LeasoweClub Champs15/09/2019SCNW1925284
BOK Internal GP SeriesHuddersfieldClub15/09/2019SCNE1923764
Arnold Club Championships 2019HucknallClub Champs15/09/2019SCEM1919374
City of Derby Club Championships 2019DerbyClub Champs15/09/2019SCEM1924714
Bexley 2019 Club ChampionshipsCrook LogClub Champs15/09/2019SCLR1924884
Corsham ASC Club Champs 2019CorshamClub Champs15/09/2019SCSW1913584
Shetland Time Trial 2ClickiminTime Trial15/09/2019SCSCO17062
Calne Alpha L4 SprintsCalne SCClub15/09/2019SCSW1900714
Leicester Neptune Club Champs 2019Braunstone LCClub Champs15/09/2019SCEM1930044
Doncaster Dartes September SprintsBeverleyOpen Meet15/09/2019SCNE1902183
Backwell Club Championships 2019BackwellClub Champs15/09/2019SCSW1919134
BBATT Autumn Distance MeetAqua ValeClub15/09/2019SCSE1924654
RRSC Club Championships 2019Aldershot GarrisonClub Champs15/09/2019SCSE1924644
Winsford Club Championships 2019WinsfordClub Champs14/09/2019SCNW1927744
SCSC Club Championships 2019Whitgift School PoolClub Champs14/09/2019SCLR1923674
Westhill District Minnows Meet 2019WesthillOpen Meet14/09/2019SCSCO17072
Wellingborough ASC Sandra Starkey Memorial GalaWellingboroughGala14/09/2019SCEM1930094
Melton Mowbray Club ChampsWaterfieldClub Champs14/09/2019SCEM1927344
41st Thurso OpenThursoOpen Meet14/09/2019SCSCO17092
The Robin Hood Open Meet 2019SheffieldOpen Meet14/09/2019LCEM1917543
Lincolnshire Jnr Swim LeagueScunthorpeGala14/09/2019SCEM1922814
NASA 2019 Short Course CompetitionRugbyOpen Meet14/09/2019SCEM1928133
BASC Sprint and Medley EventMeadowside LCClub14/09/2019SCWM1920554
Medway ASA Championships 2019MaidstoneGala14/09/2019SCSE1904983
LTSC Annual Gala 2019LoughboroughGala14/09/2019SCEM1925024
Swim Conwy Closed InvitationalLlandudnoOpen Meet14/09/2019SCWL1922653
11th Hoddesdon Novice Open MeetEnfieldOpen Meet14/09/2019SCER1913063
DLGC White Cliffs Open Gala 2019DoverGala14/09/2019SCSE1922973
BOBSC Club ChampionshipsDearnsideClub Champs14/09/2019SCNE1926614
Caradon Club ChampsCaradonClub Champs14/09/2019SCSW1923664
WSSC Home Series: Round 3Bury St EdmundsOpen Meet14/09/2019SCER1922354
Brighton SC Ken DeeleyBrightonOpen Meet14/09/2019SCSE1916683
Braunstone Sports Trophy Gala 2019BraunstoneGala14/09/2019SCEM1928813
Colchester Club Championships 2019BraintreeClub Champs14/09/2019SCER1911974
UoAPS Club Championships 2019AberdeenClub Champs14/09/2019SCSCO17052
Warley WASPS 2019 Club ChampionshipsWest Bromwich LCClub Champs13/09/2019SCWM1928014
Swadlincote Club ChampionshipsReptonClub Champs13/09/2019SCEM1924774
Maidstone Club Championships 2019MaidstoneClub Champs13/09/2019SCSE1925744
Birkenhead Swimming Club Championships 2019LeasoweClub Champs13/09/2019SCNW1925274
COHSC Club Championships 2019Hereford LPClub Champs13/09/2019SCWM1917944
Folkestone Sports Centre Club ChampionshipsFolkestoneClub Champs13/09/2019SCSE1923634
DDSC Club Champs 2019FairfieldClub Champs13/09/2019SCSE1925994
Flitwick Dolphins SC Club Championships 2019BedfordClub Champs13/09/2019SCER1918344
RRSC Club Championships 2019Aldershot LidoClub Champs13/09/2019SCSE1924624
Telford Aqua Club Championships 2019Wrekin CollegeClub Champs12/09/2019SCWM1927684
North Dorset Turbos Club ChampsPort Regis SchoolClub Champs12/09/2019SCSW1924354
Africa Junior ChampionshipsTunis, TunisiaOverseas11/09/2019LCGBR11731
Guernsey Swimming Club 200m Back & IMSt SampsonsClub11/09/2019SCSE1913134
DDSC Club Champs 2019Eric LiddellClub Champs11/09/2019SCSE1925984
Maidstone Club Championships 2019MaidstoneClub Champs10/09/2019SCSE1925734
Bramcote Combined Diddy and BAGCAT Champs 2019BramcoteClub10/09/2019SCEM1921494
Telford Aqua Club Championships 2019Abraham Darby LCClub Champs10/09/2019SCWM1927694
Leicester Penguins Club Time TrialsSystonTime Trial09/09/2019SCEM1928944
2019 Anchor AIMS GamesNew ZealandOverseas09/09/2019SCGBR11712
2019 World Para Swimming Allianz ChampionshipsLondonDisability09/09/2019LCDIS1231
Folkestone Sports Centre Club ChampionshipsFolkestoneClub Champs09/09/2019SCSE1923624
Winsford Club Championships 2019WinsfordClub Champs08/09/2019SCNW1927734
Warley WASPS 2019 Club ChampionshipsWest Bromwich LCClub Champs08/09/2019SCWM1928004
Thetford Dolphins Nifty 50sWaterworldOpen Meet08/09/2019SCER1926523
Wareham & District 2019 Club ChampionshipsWarehamClub Champs08/09/2019SCSW1923504
Sheffield & District ASA ChampionshipsSheffieldClub08/09/2019LCNE1916114
South Holderness Club Championships Gala 4PrestonClub Champs08/09/2019SCNE1914604
Falcon ASC Sprint Open 2019HucknallOpen Meet08/09/2019SCEM1921293
Atlantis Slash N Dash Level 3 Open MeetHorshamOpen Meet08/09/2019SCSE1923083
Felixstowe Waves 2019 September Season OpenerFelixstowe LCClub08/09/2019SCER1918553
City of Liverpool Tadpoles Gala 2019Everton ParkGala08/09/2019SCNW1923553
NASC Distance Invitational MeetEston Leisure CentreClub08/09/2019SCNE1911834
Cults Otters ASC Challenge Trophy 2019Cults AcademyOpen Meet08/09/2019SCSCO17032
Skipton Club Gala 2019CravenGala08/09/2019SCNE1923484
Shetland Time Trial 1 2019ClickiminTime Trial08/09/2019SCSCO16982
St Thomas Autumn GradedArbroathOpen Meet08/09/2019SCSCO17002
RRSC Club Championships 2019Aldershot GarrisonClub Champs08/09/2019SCSE1924634
Stourbridge Club Championships 2019Wombourne LCClub Champs07/09/2019SCWM1925514
Telford Aqua Club Championships 2019WolverhamptonClub Champs07/09/2019SCWM1927674
Melton Mowbray Club ChampsWaterfieldClub Champs07/09/2019SCEM1927334
Stratford Sharks Club Championships 2019WarwickClub Champs07/09/2019SCWM1922614
2019 SS West District SC AG Sprints & Relay ChampsTollcrossClub Champs07/09/2019SCSCO17131
Satit BangNa ChampionshipsThailandOverseas07/09/2019LCGBR11651
West Mainland Chamber of Commerce TrophyStromnessOpen Meet07/09/2019SCSCO17012
The Inaugural A B C Graded Open MeetSheffieldOpen Meet07/09/2019LCEM1921473
Biggleswade 2019 Club ChampionshipsSaxon PoolClub Champs07/09/2019SCER1918624
Bramcote Combined Diddy and BAGCAT Champs 2019NottinghamClub07/09/2019SCEM1921484
Leamington Spa Club ChampionshipsNewbold ComynClub Champs07/09/2019SCWM1922254
Merthyr Tydfil Club ChampionshipsMerthyr TydfilClub Champs07/09/2019SCWL1920253
East Lothian Championships 2019Mercat Gait CentreOpen Meet07/09/2019SCSCO16992
Sports Centre League 2019 - Division 1Lammas LCLeague07/09/2019SCEM1913344
City of Leeds Sprints Meet 2019John Charles CentreGala07/09/2019LCNE1911473

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