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Live Competitions

Event Rankings (Last 12 Months)

Event Rankings for the Last 12 Months shows the ranked position of swims from the last 12 months for registered swimmers.

Event Rankings

There are 10,872,204 times in our database. 3,005,303 Long Course and 7,866,901 Short Course. Event Rankings shows the ranked position of swims.

Individual Best Times

Individual Best Times will show fastest times for the last 12 Months or All Time. You may also view a full report of all times.

Individual Rankings

Individual Rankings will show where you are ranked against other members for the last 12 Months or All Time.

Home Country Membership Check

Home Country Membership Check is intended to assist verification of membership details. It lists the clubs, Country of International Representation and any swimming qualifications. Adult members may reveal some contact information and upload a photograph.

Biographical Data

Biographical Data is intended to display information used within our sport. It lists name, date of birth (competitive members), current clubs, ranked club and details of swims. This information has been obtained from the membership form and results from licensed meets. Members may also upload a photograph which is required for entry in to British Swimming/ASA events.

Club Rankings

SPORTSYSTEMS in cooperation with British Swimming and the ASA has developed a free club version of the popular British Swimming Rankings software for club administrators. The club system has all the advantages of the British system with the additional ability to include non licensed meets. The data is stored on a British Swimming server and requires an internet connection to use, the version we have launched is for Microsoft Windows only at present. If your club wishes to use this software please us with your Club Name and Membership number to receive the link to download the software.

Entries closed or Late Enries.

On-Line Entry Competition Information.     (Mouse over the event information and click to select)

If you are a member of an English or Welsh club and you wish to change your details or hide/unhide your information please use the Online Membership System. Scottish members need to contact their membership department. If you believe times are missing from a meet then please contact the meet organiser for information before you the Rankings Department, if you experience any other issues on this site please us for support.