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Female - Short Course - 100m Freestyle - Stockport Metro SC - 13 Years Age Group - At 31st December 2019Search Again

RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Beth RobinsonAltrincham06Swim England National County Team Champs 2019 D1Sheffield206/10/19 1:00.74
2Millie DuncanStockport Mo06Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield202/02/19 1:03.40
3Mandy SihlanguEllesmere Co06PSC Summer Spectacular - L3 OPEN MEETDarwen309/06/19 1:07.89
4Keira McDonaldStockport Mo06Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield202/02/19 1:09.06
5Isabella Chalmers-MorrisStockport Mo06Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield202/02/19 1:09.15
6Gabrielle SampsonStockport Mo06Trafford Metro BSC 2019 Spring Open MeetSale319/05/19 1:11.25
7Chloe JoyceStockport Mo06Trafford Metro BSC 2019 Spring Open MeetSale319/05/19 1:15.27
8Scarlett CornwellAshton u Lyn06Greater Manchester Age Group Meet 2019Wigan Life Centre324/03/19 1:15.68
9Millie CarrollStockport Mo06WOW Percy Mason Memorial GalaOrford Jubilee301/12/19 1:15.98
10Lydia WilliamsStalybridge06City of Salford Summer Spectacular 2019Broughton313/07/19 1:16.07
11Melissanthi HurlstoneStockport Mo06Trafford Metro BSC 2019 Spring Open MeetSale319/05/19 1:16.42
12Tylia GlynnStockport Mo06Greater Manchester Autumn Meet 2019Wigan Life Centre305/10/19 1:16.74
13Nicole KellyStockport Mo06Greater Manchester Age Group Meet 2019Wigan Life Centre324/03/19 1:17.01
15Alicia Booth-JonesStockport Mo06Satellites Last Chance County Qualifier 2019Macclesfield322/12/19 1:22.35

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