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Meet NameVenueTypeDatePoolLicenceLevel
Guernsey Swimming ClubSt Sampsons High SchClub22/11/20SCLEX6250
Guernsey Swimming ClubBeau Sejour LCClub22/11/20SCLEX6240
Guernsey Swimming ClubBeau Sejour LCClub20/11/20SCLEX6230
Guernsey SCSt Sampsosn High SchClub18/11/20SCLEX6200
Utmost Wealth Solutions IOM SeriesNSC, Douglas, IOMLeague14/11/20SCNW2011823
Hamilton Aquatics Super Sprint MeetDubaiOverseas06/11/20SCGBR13562
Wyre Forest SCWyre Forest LCClub05/11/20SCLEX6140
Guildford CitySurrey Sports ParkClub05/11/20SCLEX3550
Wyre Forest SCWyre Forest LCClub04/11/20SCLEX6210
Wycombe District SCWycombe LCClub04/11/20SCLEX4400
Wycombe District Swimming ClubWycombe LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5720
Workington SCWorkington LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3420
Watford SCWoodside Leisure CenClub04/11/20SCLEX5310
Witham Dolphins SCWitham LCClub04/11/20SCLEX4430
Witney and District Swimming ClubWindrush LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3430
Alnwick Dolphins ASCWillowburn, AlnwickClub04/11/20SCLEX5590
Alnwick Dolphins ASCWillowburn, AlnwickClub04/11/20SCLEX5600
Alnwick Dolphins ASCWillowburnClub04/11/20SCLEX4150
Alnwick Dolphins ASCWillowburnClub04/11/20SCLEX6020
Harpenden SCWestminster LodgeClub04/11/20SCLEX3610
Harpenden SCWestminster LodgeClub04/11/20SCLEX5000
Havant and WaterloovilleWaterloovilleClub04/11/20SCLEX4860
Ilkeston SCVictoria Park LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5940
Mid Sussex MarlinsTriangle LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3070
Linslade Crusaders Swimming ClubTiddenfoot LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5530
Woodside and Thornton Heath Swim ClubThornton Heath LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5770
Doncaster DartesThorne LCClub04/11/20SCLEX2900
Dereham & DistrictThetfordClub04/11/20SCLEX5240
City of Southampton SCThe QuaysClub04/11/20SCLEX3290
City of Southampton SCThe QuaysClub04/11/20SCLEX3300
City of Southampton SCThe QuaysClub04/11/20SCLEX3310
City of Southampton SCThe QuaysClub04/11/20SCLEX3330
Bo Waltham ForrestSylvestrian LCClub04/11/20SCLEX4570
Guildford CitySurrey Sports ParkClub04/11/20SCLEX3570
Guildford CitySurrey Sports ParkClub04/11/20SCLEX5350
Kent Weald Swim SquadStrood Sports CentreClub04/11/20SCLEX5340
Black Lion Swimming ClubStroodClub04/11/20SCLEX5620
Bicester Blue FinsStowe SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX3470
City of Milton keynesStantonbury LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3500
Chippenham ASCSt Mary'sClub04/11/20SCLEX5850
Tonbridge Swimming ClubST JohnsClub04/11/20SCLEX5810
Rushden Swimming ClubSplash Leisure PoolClub04/11/20SCLEX5730
Staines SCSpelthorne Leisure CClub04/11/20SCLEX5300
Staines Swimming ClubSpelthorne LeisureClub04/11/20SCLEX5290
Bassett JSFSouthamptonClub04/11/20SCLEX5400
Woodham Ferrers SCSouth Woodham FerrerClub04/11/20SCLEX4410
RTW MonsonSomerhill SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX4620
RTW MonsonSomerhill SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX4630
Rykneld SCSharley Park LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3110
Sevenoaks SCSevenoaks LCClub04/11/20SCLEX4640
Sevenoaks SCSevenoaks LCClub04/11/20SCLEX4650
Lewes SCSeahaven SwimClub04/11/20SCLEX3120
Royston Swimming ClubRoyston PoolClub04/11/20SCLEX5520
Fleetwood & District Amateur SCRossall SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX3150
Fleetwood & District Amateur SCRossall SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX5370
Black Lion SCRochester MathsClub04/11/20SCLEX3810
Winchester City Penguins Swimming ClubRiver Park LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3410
Winchester City Penguins SCRiver Park LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3710
Richmond Dales ASCRichmondClub04/11/20SCLEX3210
Rugby SCQueen's DiamondClub04/11/20SCLEX4120
Dorking Swimming ClubPriory School DorkinClub04/11/20SCLEX5260
Plymouth LeanderPlymouth CollegeClub04/11/20SCLEX4670
Nuneaton & Bedworth SCPingles LCClub04/11/20SCLEX2980
Warriors of Warrington SCOrford Jubilee HubClub04/11/20SCLEX3240
Huntingdon Piranhas SCOne LeisureClub04/11/20SCLEX5780
Northallerton SCNorthallerton LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3890
Sedgefield & District 75Newton Aycliffe LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3440
Northgate SCMuch Wenlock LeisureClub04/11/20SCLEX4160
Morpeth ASCMorpeth Riverside LCClub04/11/20SCLEX3130
Street and District SCMillfieldClub04/11/20SCLEX5440
Stowmarket SCMid Suffolk LeisureClub04/11/20SCLEX4810
Rotherham Metro Swimming ClubMaltby LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5860
SatellitesMacclesfield LeisureClub04/11/20SCLEX5510
Loftus Dolphins ASCLoftus Leisure CenClub04/11/20SCLEX5060
Littlehampton SCLittlehampton WaveClub04/11/20SCLEX3030
Tigersharks ASClink centreClub04/11/20SCLEX3180
Tigersharks ASClink centreClub04/11/20SCLEX3750
Lancing College SCLancing CollegeClub04/11/20SCLEX5020
Bracknell & Wokingham SCLambrook SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX2910
Soundwell Swimming ClubKingswood LCClub04/11/20SCLEX5480
Four ShiresKingham Hill SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX4380
KidlingtonKidlington Leisure CClub04/11/20SCLEX5450
Radford SCKen MartinClub04/11/20SCLEX2940
Radford SCKen MartinClub04/11/20SCLEX4520
Crawley Swimming ClubK2Club04/11/20SCLEX5540
City of Leeds SCJohn Charles AquaticClub04/11/20SCLEX3060
Team LutonInspire, LutonClub04/11/20SCLEX3900
Team LutonInspire, LutonClub04/11/20SCLEX3910
Beacon SCHolmewood House SchClub04/11/20SCLEX3640
Chelsea and Westminster SCHolland Park SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX3920
Hinckley SCHinckleyClub04/11/20SCLEX4760
WindsorHeathfield SchoolClub04/11/20SCLEX4220
Nottingham Leander SCHarvey HaddenClub04/11/20SCLEX5710
Nottingham Leander SCHarvey HaddenClub04/11/20SCLEX5700
Hertford SCHarthamClub04/11/20SCLEX4770
Harrogate District SCHarrogate HydroClub04/11/20SCLEX2300
Hamble Aquatics Swim TeamHambleClub04/11/20SCLEX5490

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