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Meet NameCityTypeDateCourseLicenceLevel
Coalville SC 2023 Autumn Time TrialsWhitwick & CoalvilleTime Trial24/09/23SCEM2319594
Sevenoaks SC Club Champs 2023SevenoaksClub Champs24/09/23SCSE2316914
Worcester County Development Meet 2023Sandwell ACOpen Meet24/09/23SCWM2317823
Leatherhead SC Autumn 2023 Club Championships 2023CobhamClub Champs24/09/23SCSE2321224
Aylesbury and District SC Club Champs 2023Aqua ValeClub Champs24/09/23SCSE2318984
Flitwick Dolphins Club Championships 2023FlitwickClub Champs23/09/23SCER2315524
Windsor SC Club Championships 2023EtonClub Champs23/09/23SCSE2310894
Basildon & Phoenix Autumn Season Opener 2023BasildonOpen Meet23/09/23SCER2318813
Neath ASC Club Championships 2023NeathClub Champs21/09/23SCWL2319973
March Marlins Club Champs 2023MarchClub Champs21/09/23SCER2317394
Thanet SC Club Championships 2023Hartsdown LCClub Champs21/09/23SCSE2321184
Ulverston ASC 2023 Club ChampsUlverstonClub Champs20/09/23SCNW2313274
Stockport Metro Cub Champs 2023StockportClub Champs20/09/23SCNW2318714
Swindon Dolphin 2023 Club Champs & Age GroupsMarlborough CollegeClub Champs20/09/23SCSW2315964
Greenwich Royals Annual Swimming Championship 2023Eltham CentreClub Champs19/09/23SCLR2320864
Weymouth SC Club Championships 2023WeymouthClub Champs18/09/23SCSW2316694
Orpington Ojjays SC Club Championships 2023OrpingtonClub Champs18/09/23SCLR2308334
Saxon Crown Club Championships 2023LewishamClub Champs18/09/23SCLR2313514
Newport Pagnell SC Club Championships 2023Wolverton PoolClub Champs17/09/23SCSE2316664
Stevenage Swimming Club Champs 2023StevenageClub Champs17/09/23SCER2317854
Nuneaton & Bedworth SC September Sprint Meet 2023NuneatonOpen Meet17/09/23SCWM2305793
Swim England East Region Para Swimming Meet 2023NewmarketDisability17/09/23SCER2314223
Ledbury & Malvern SC Club Gala #4 2023Malvern CollegeClub17/09/23SCWM2320334
Bo Kirklees Internal Series 2023HudderfieldClub17/09/23SCNE2321144
Co Hereford Invitational Club Championships 2023HerefordClub Champs17/09/23SCWM2318684
Gravesend and Northfleet SC Club Champs 2023Cygnets LCClub Champs17/09/23SCSE2311084
Corsham ASC 2023 Club ChampionshipsCorshamClub Champs17/09/23SCSW2314504
Aylesbury and District SC Club Champs 2023Aqua ValeClub Champs17/09/23SCSE2318974
Rotherham Metro ROME September Sprints 2023WorksopOpen Meet16/09/23SCNE2312803
Nottinghamshire ASA Stage 3 Gala 2023Worksop League16/09/23SCEM2303784
Chase SC Club Championships 2023WalsallClub Champs16/09/23SCWM2317934
Newcastle ST Club Championships 2023TynemouthClub Champs16/09/23SCNE2319684
Linslade Crusaders SC Club Championships 2023Tiddenfoot LCClub Champs16/09/23SCER2317884
Thurso Open Meet 2023ThursoOpen Meet16/09/23SCSCO20653
Taunton Deane Club Champs 2023TauntonClub Champs16/09/23SCSW2317254
City of St Albans Club Champs 2023St AlbansClub Champs16/09/23SCER2315624
SASA Midland District League One 2023PerthLeague16/09/23SCSCO20662
Northgate SC Annual Championships 2023Much WenlockClub Champs16/09/23SCWM2319954
Richmond Dales Iain Young Back to Pool Gala 2023MiddlesboroughOpen Meet16/09/23SCNE2317163
Melton Mowbray SC Club Championships 2023Melton MowbrayClub Champs16/09/23SCEM2320754
Medway ASA Championships 2023MaidstoneClub16/09/23SCSE2304893
Maidenhead ASC 2023 Internal GalaMaidenheadClub Champs16/09/23SCSE2306044
Satellites of Macclesfield Tri Club Champs 2023MacclesfieldClub Champs16/09/23SCNW2321014
Swindon Dolphin 2023 Club Champs & Age GroupsLink CentreClub Champs16/09/23SCSW2315954
Nottinghamshire ASA Stage 3 Gala 2023HucknallLeague16/09/23SCEM2303794
Atlantis Club Champs 2023Horsham Club Champs16/09/23SCSE2314964
Hitchin SC Club Championships 2023HitchinClub Champs16/09/23SCER2309134
Rushmoor Royals Club Championships 2023Hart LCClub Champs16/09/23SCSE2317284
Hoddesdon Novice Meet 2023HarlowOpen Meet16/09/23SCER2315503
Grantham SC Club Championships 2023GranthamClub Champs16/09/23SCEM2312354
Frome Splash & Dash Sprint Meet 2023FromeClub16/09/23SCSW2315264
Flitwick Dolphins Club Championships 2023FlitwickClub Champs16/09/23SCER2315514
City of Canterbury SC Club Championships 2023DoverClub Champs16/09/23SCSE2308854
Dorking SC September Sizzler 2023DorkingClub16/09/23SCSE2317234
Derby Excel September Season Opener Meet 2023DerbyOpen Meet16/09/23SCEM2314392
City of Coventry 50m Sprints 2023CoventryOpen Meet16/09/23LCWM2308883
Northamptonshire ASA County SC Competition 2023CorbyOpen Meet16/09/23SCEM2318593
West Suffolk SC Home Series 1 2023Bury St EdmondsClub16/09/23SCER2320354
Brighton SC Ken Deeley Open Meet 2023BrightonOpen Meet16/09/23SCSE2308013
Bridge of Don September Splash 2023Bridge of DonOpen Meet16/09/23SCSCO20642
Northampton SC & Co Leicester Sprint Meet 2023BraunstoneClub16/09/23SCEM2317514
Nottinghamshire ASA Stage 3 Gala 2023BramcoteLeague16/09/23SCEM2303804
Hillingdon SC Club Champs 2023Botwell Pool HayesClub Champs16/09/23SCLR2313054
North Lancs S&WPA Level 2 Meet 2023BlackpoolOpen Meet16/09/23SCNW2316232
Barracudas Autumn Equinox County Qualifier 2023BeverleyOpen Meet16/09/23SCNE2304543
Amersham Swimming Club Championships 2023AmershamClub Champs16/09/23SCSE2317963
Winchester City Penguins Club Champs 2023WinchesterClub Champs15/09/23SCSE2317224
Stowmarket SC Club Championships 2023StowmarketClub Champs15/09/23SCER2319044
Sandwell Aquatics Club Championships 2023SandwellClub Champs15/09/23SCWM2316264
Redditch SC Club Championships 2023RedditchClub Champs15/09/23SCWM2310454
Brighton SC Club Championships 2023Prince RegentClub Champs15/09/23SCSE2319264
Torfaen Dolphins Club Championships 2023PontypoolClub Champs15/09/23SCWL2321723
Leicester Neptune SC Club Champs 2023Parklands LCClub Champs15/09/23SCEM2315734
Co Norwich SC Distance Meet 2023NorwichClub15/09/23SCER2304223
Portsmouth Northsea Medley Champs 2023Mountbatten CenClub Champs15/09/23SCSE2316604
Mildenhall & District SC Club Championship 2023MildenhallClub Champs15/09/23SCER2313954
Gravesend and Northfleet SC Club Champs 2023Cygnets LCClub Champs15/09/23SCSE2311074
Crawley Club Championships L4 2023CrawleyClub Champs15/09/23SCSE2312724
Kingston-u-Hull Club Champs Time Trials Sept 2023Beverley Road BathsClub Champs15/09/23SCNE2318014
Repton Swimming Early Season Meet 2023ReptonClub14/09/23SCEM2319544
Swindon Dolphin 2023 Club Champs & Age GroupsMarlborough CollegeClub Champs13/09/23SCSW2315944
Granite Series Round 1AberdeenOpen Meet13/09/23SCSCO20632
North Dorset Turbos Club Time Trials 2023Riversmeet LCTime Trial12/09/23SCSW2316774
Hastings Seagull SC Club ChampsSummerfieldsClub Champs11/09/23SCSE2310234
Tonbridge Swimming Club Champs 2023Tunbridge WellsClub Champs10/09/23SCSE2315404
Thetford Dolphins SC Nifty 50s 2023ThetfordOpen Meet10/09/23SCER2312043
Taunton Deane Club Champs 2023TauntonClub Champs10/09/23SCSW2317244
Trafford Borough Early Bird Meet 2023StretfordOpen Meet10/09/23SCNW2316363
Reading SC Club Championship 2023ReadingClub Champs10/09/23SCSE2318864
Brighton SC Club Championships 2023Prince RegentClub Champs10/09/23SCSE2319254
South Holderness Last Chance No Frills 2023PrestonClub10/09/23SCNE2315354
Street & District Club Champs 2023MillfieldClub Champs10/09/23SCSW2316064
Bakewell SC Open Meet 2023MatlockOpen Meet10/09/23SCEM2308723
Doncaster Dartes September SprintsJohn Charles CentreOpen Meet10/09/23SCNE2310033
Atlantis Club Champs 2023HorshamClub Champs10/09/23SCSE2314954
Orpington Ojjays SC Club Championships 2023Eltham ColllegeClub Champs10/09/23SCLR2308324
Buxton & District Sprint Time Trials Sept 2023BuxtonTime Trial10/09/23SCEM2320544
North Cornwall Dragons & Newquay Sprints Meet 2023BodminOpen Meet10/09/23SCSW2315973
Northallerton ASC Time Trials 2023BedaleTime Trial10/09/23SCNE2303474
Hertfordshire Aquatics Autumn Open MeetWestminster LodgeOpen Meet09/09/23SCER2309963

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