Team Manager Data Check

We have identified most of the failed data being sent to rankings from Hy-Tek meets is due to the entry club's Team Manager or Swim Manager data not matching the data submitted by the club to the Home Country Membership Department. This page will allow you to check the data you are using matches the data you have declared as members. This is not for SPORTSYSTEMS users. Please email any comments concerning this script here.


Create the file via file > Exports > Athlete Fields in csv format. Make sure dates are in the British format (dd/mm/yyyy). Select the following options only.
Athlete Birth Date,     Athlete First Name,     Athlete Gender,     Athlete ID #,     Athlete Last Name,     Team 1
Your exported file should have a .csv extension to be processed correctly and should contain the first line reading


Create the file via: REPORTS > REGISTRATIONS (option to select time period, suggest using ‘All’ for initial check) > Select Program, Training Group etc > APPLY > Create Report using Blue Disk Icon & select CSV format

Matching is achieved by comparing the Membership Number, Family Name, Given Name, Full Date of Birth, Gender and Club. If there is a match the Admin/Main club and ranked club are displayed. If there are errors please correct them to match your membership declaration.

Data that does not match our rankings database will cause you problems and results are unlikely to be accepted into rankings. Once you have identified issues you may use your club link to synchronise the data and hopefully remove data problems. The system will not check for non swimming members.

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Disclosure of your information. Please view Aquatics GB / Swim England / Scottish Swimming / Swim Wales Privacy Policies. For membership queries please contact / / . To update your contact details, website visibility or data protection choices log on to the Swim England Membership System / Scottish Swimming Membership System / Swim Wales Membership System. If you believe times are wrong or missing from a meet then please contact the MEET PROMOTER with the details as they supply the data.