Home Country Membership Check

This page is intended to assist you to verify membership details, it lists the clubs the person is a current member of, Country of International Representation any qualifications they may have. If you don't want your details to be displayed on this site enter your Membership Number and register to use Member Options where you can choose to hide your details.

If your details are incorrect it may be that the correct information has not been submitted to the relevant Home Country Membership Services Department, enquiries and corrections should be submitted via your Club Registration Officer who will submit changes to the relevant Home Country Membership Services Department.

If you need instructions on how to access BIOGS or Home County Membership Check please click here.

Membership Number or Family Name

Please email with any technical issues you experience on this site. If any individual wishes their information to be hidden please email with the name, membership number, date of birth and address so we can process your request. Current members may also hide their information using Biogs or Home Country Membership Check.