Club Codes

The Club Codes file gives you a .csv file as well as the gbclub.sdb file, the club names are used for National Rankings and Meet Meet Management Systems.

Download Club Codes (ZIP File)


The last character of each 4 letter code denotes the Country or English Region as follows:

N = North West E = North East
M = West Midlands A = East Midlands
L = London T = East
W = South West S = South East
X = Scotland Y = Wales

Please DO NOT make up your own codes. We generate these as required to ensure the information sent to British Rankings is accurate.

Information for Meet Organisers Using Meet Management Software

The 12 character meet codes in this list have been edited to try to introduce some consistency.

Where possible the geographical names of the club are shown in order to help identification in gala programs. The following rules have been applied where possible, however, in a very few cases where this would significantly alter a name by which a club is nationally known this may not be the case.

Clubs with "Borough of" in their name are listed as BO (space) followed by the name.
Clubs with "City of" in their name are listed as CO (space) followed by the name.
Clubs with "Isle of" in their name are listed as IO (space) followed by the name.
University clubs have the university name first, followed by UNI, UN or U.
Schools Associations have the name first, followed by SA.
Diving clubs have the name followed by DC.
Synchronised Swimming clubs have the name followed by SYN or SY.

NB: Punctuation marks have been removed and the word "and" is represented with "&".

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