Competition Times Check

This page will allow you to check that the entrants to a swimming competition being run with Hy-Tek Meet Manager are using times from British Rankings. SPORTSYSTEMS (version 5.3 and above) automatically selects times from British Rankings and does not need to use this service. Many Hy-Tek users do not use the official swimmer or club name as published here. This should be discouraged if the organisers wish the times to be included in British Rankings.

Instructions. Open the event you wish to check and produce a report of entries.

This file is created by:

1. Select Reports and then Psych Sheet, might have to tick to include Reg ID, but single column format is the default.

2. Once report is displayed, click the icon to export the report, then select "Excel XLS - Data Only".

3. Click the radio button for minimal data.

Create the file as above then click the 'Choose File' button below to find the file you wish to check (something like mm4heatsheet1col.xls). Select it then click on 'Check It'. It will be compared with the British Rankings database. This uses the Membership number to check the entrants, name, sex, fee paying club, ranked club and entry time. The process can take several minutes especially if there are errors in your data.

If the name or club is incorrect then it will report a failure, you may wish to use the Swim England / Swim Wales or Scottish Swimming Membership Check to do a more detailed search. The official club codes my be downloaded from here.

File to Check
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Disclosure of your information. Please view Aquatics GB / Swim England / Scottish Swimming / Swim Wales Privacy Policies. For membership queries please contact / / . To update your contact details, website visibility or data protection choices log on to the Swim England Membership System / Scottish Swimming Membership System / Swim Wales Membership System. If you believe times are wrong or missing from a meet then please contact the MEET PROMOTER with the details as they supply the data.