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RankNameNumberRanked ClubYoBMeet NameVenueLevelDateTime
1Emma Gage16200Stockport Mo89ASA Winter MeetSheffield218/12/15 26.95
2Brearnna Close322615Stockport Mo97ASA Winter Meet 2016Sheffield216/12/16 27.13
3Ciara Standing726231Loughboro Un99SE Winter Championships 2018Sheffield216/12/18 27.36
4Elizabeth Harris710307Stockport Mo00Stockport Metro November Short Course Open MeetStockport217/11/18 28.02
5Isabel Spinley826376Stockport Mo00Lincolnshire County Championships 2018Louth204/02/18 28.70
6Emma Rowson726233Edinburgh Un00Stockport Metro November Open MeetStockport219/11/16 28.75
7Rebecca Pearson771705Stockport Mo02Cheshire County ChampionshipsMacclesfield221/01/17 28.79
8Olivia Herron807448Stockport Mo04Swim England NWR Winter ChampionshipsManchester204/11/18 29.03
9Devon Robins165708Stockport Mo93Middlesex County SC ChampsEnfield205/12/09 29.04
10Holly Hibbott552401Stockport Mo99Stockport Metro Club ChampionshipsStockport426/09/16 29.05
11Catherine Parker348412Stockport Mo95Cheshire County ChampionshipsMacclesfield202/03/13 29.09
12Matilda Holt728839Stockport Mo01City of Leeds October Grand Prix 2015Leeds225/10/15 29.16
13Eliza Pinkstone1221772Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro November Short Course Open MeetStockport217/11/18 29.38
14Scarlet Peacock781431Glossop01Stockport Metro November Meet 2017Stockport218/11/17 29.48
15Rachael Banks934263Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 29.53
16Kiera Henley711495Stockport Mo01Stockport Metro Club ChampionshipsStockport426/09/16 29.81
17Beatrice Clover973170Stockport Mo04Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield219/01/19 29.83
18Jessica McDonough740159Stockport Mo02Shropshire County Championships 2018Wolverhampton213/01/18 29.91
19Lillie Tew-Weaver162113Stockport Mo96Stockport Metro November Open MeetStockport219/11/11 29.95
20Amy West851857Stockport Mo04CHESHIRE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018Macclesfield220/01/18 30.04
21Alisha Hawkins739984Stockport Mo01Stockport Metro November Meet 2015Stockport221/11/15 30.22
22Lilliana Ashton759608Marple01Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield219/01/19 30.31
23Lily Hadfield485732Stockport Mo99City of Leeds Grand PrixLeeds226/10/14 30.33
24Katie Matts288650Stockport Mo98Stockport Metro Club Championships 2018Stockport424/09/18 30.37
25Leia King883683Stockport Mo03Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport310/06/17 30.39
26Lauren Cooley519778Stockport Mo01Cumbria Age Group & County ChampionshipsWorkington414/01/17 30.43
 Hermione Roe1163589Stockport Mo05Swim England North East Region Age Group (25)Sheffield204/11/18 30.43
28Beth Robinson1174195Altrincham06Cheshire County Championships 2019Macclesfield219/01/19 30.50
29Charlotte Hulme771803Stockport Mo02Stockport Metro November Short Course Open MeetStockport217/11/18 30.56
30Millie Duncan1131512Stockport Mo06Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 30.58
31Lucy McKenzie275017Stockport Mo97Cumbria Age Groups & County ChampsKendal224/03/12 30.63
32Sophie Traill1254236Stockport Mo07Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 30.71
33Caitlin Lansom862668Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport309/06/18 30.79
34Chloe Fletcher471622Stockport Mo97Wigan Best First Future Stars Open MeetWigan222/10/11 30.82
35Martha Hurst871922Stockport Mo04CHESHIRE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018Macclesfield220/01/18 30.85
36Megan Sheard846914Stockport Mo01Stockport Metro Club ChampionshipsStockport426/09/16 30.87
37Shannon Jarratt907251Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 30.99
38Klaudia Kirkpatrick431128Stockport Mo98BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships 2018Sheffield211/11/18 31.00
39Nicola Chadderton24129Stockport Mo90Cheshire County ChampsMacclesfield231/03/07 31.33
40Samantha Travis966691Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro November Short Course Open MeetStockport217/11/18 31.56
41Hannah Jones478868Stockport Mo99Stockport Metro Club Championships 2015Stockport421/09/15 31.61
42Rebecca Adlington7880Nova Cent'n89Nottinghamshire County ChampsNottingham023/03/02 31.70
43Lucy Moffat33062Stockport Mo91Cheshire County ChampionshipsVarious005/03/05 31.74
44Tara Walsh38197Stockport Mo90Derbyshire County ChampionshipClay Cross026/02/05 31.77
45Megan Goodwin1244084Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 31.80
46Charlotte Kennedy900355Stockport Mo02Stockport Metro November Open MeetStockport219/11/16 31.81
47Lucy Thompson1153340Stockport Mo04Greater Manchester Autumn Meet 2019Wigan Life Centre329/09/19 31.88
48Emma Furber27442Stockport Mo91Cheshire County ChampsStockport204/03/06 31.93
49Mia Smith982850Stockport Mo05Stockport Metro Mini Meet Grand PrixStockport308/06/19 31.97
50Abbie Christopherson1175674Stockport Mo03Satellites of Macclesfield 30th Open MeetMacclesfield318/03/17 32.03

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