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RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeetDateTime
1James RalphBuxton07Buxton 2nd Autumn Open Meet 2023, Matlock18/11/23 54.90
2Ryan CornishBuxton06Chesterfield SC Spring Open Meet 2023, Matlock15/04/23 56.74
3James BeresfordBuxton93Buxton SC Club Championships 2014, Buxton02/11/14 57.15
4Pierre AinscowBuxton92City of Stoke on Trent B Grade Open Meet, Stoke17/09/16 57.16
5Kieran TownsendBuxton95Derbyshire 2016 County, Youth and Age Group Champs, Matlock27/02/16 57.52
6Charlie BoamBuxton04Buxton and District Club Championships 2021, Buxton16/10/21 58.95
7Paul MurrayBuxton90Derbyshire County Champs, Claycross25/02/07 59.43
8Benjamin PrinceBuxton00Ripley Rascals 46th Anniversary Open Meet, MATLOCK06/01/19 59.93
9Seth PartridgeBuxton06Chesterfield SC Autumn Season Starter 2021, Matlock03/10/21 1:00.37
10Matthew ForemanBuxton06Buxton 2nd Autumn Open Meet 2023, Matlock18/11/23 1:00.41
11Timothy BateBuxton81Derbyshire County Champs, Derby/Clay Cross07/03/99 1:00.59
12Liam McWeeBuxton93Staffordshire County Chmp, Wolverhampton08/03/09 1:01.21
13Sam PollardBuxton76Wiltshire County Championships, Swindon28/03/99 1:01.33
14Muir LangleyBuxton86Derbyshire County Champs, Queens Leisure10/03/01 1:01.39
15Nicholas BainbridgeBuxton93Derbyshire County Championships, Chesterfield13/03/11 1:02.92
16Thomas CollingBuxton99Derbys ASA 2017 County, Youth & Age Group Champs, Matlock26/02/17 1:03.59
17Carl RileyBuxton91Derbyshire County Champs, Claycross25/02/07 1:05.60
18Peter WilsonBuxton08Buxton & District SC Club Championships 2023, Buxton15/10/23 1:05.65
19Warren MycockBuxton90Derbyshire County Championship, Eckington05/03/05 1:05.85
20Matthew AshbyBuxton91Derbyshire County Champs, Eckington04/03/06 1:07.06
21Ash DawsonBuxton77Buxton & District SC Club Championships 2023, Buxton15/10/23 1:07.36
22Cameron LiddleBuxton01The Frank Mansey Memorial Open Meet, Alfreton09/06/18 1:08.00
23Euan FreemanBuxton03Buxton and District Distance Time Trials November, Buxton19/01/20 1:08.65
24Jamie FitzgeraldBuxton91Trident 2005 Open Meet, Derby06/02/05 1:08.91
25Alexander OpeltBuxton04Belper Marlin The Ghoul in the Pool, Matlock27/10/19 1:09.12

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