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RankNameRanked ClubYoBMeetDateTime
1Rebecca AdlingtonNova Cent'n899th Fina World Champs, Manchester10/04/08 8:08.25
2Brearnna CloseStockport Mo97BUCS Short Course Swimming Championships, Sheffield10/11/17 8:38.07
3Sarah ClayStockport Mo86British Swimming SC Champs2003, Stockport14/08/03 8:45.40
4Abbie ThorburnStockport Mo92North West Region Champs, Manchester06/11/10 8:46.52
5Amy WestStockport Mo04Stockport Metro November SC Open Meet, Grand Central Pools15/11/19 8:53.58
6Kiera HenleyStockport Mo01ASA Winter Meet, Sheffield18/12/15 8:56.23
7Jessica McDonoughStockport Mo02Stockport Metro November Meet 2017, Stockport17/11/17 8:57.24
8Emma GageStockport Mo892004 British Championships 25m, Manchester26/08/04 8:57.86
9Sophie TraillStockport Mo07Swim England National Winter Championships (25m), Sheffield03/12/21 9:00.91
10Megan SheardStockport Mo01Cheshire County Championships 2016, Macclesfield30/01/16 9:03.26
11Charlotte KennedyStockport Mo02Cheshire County Championships 2018, Macclesfield27/01/18 9:03.41
12Evie ClareStockport Mo09National Winter Championships 2022, Sheffield02/12/22 9:04.95
13Eleanor BroughtonRepton06Stockport Metro November Short Course Open Meet 22, Stockport18/11/22 9:07.81
14Eliza PinkstoneStockport Mo05Stockport Metro November SC Open Meet, Grand Central Pools15/11/19 9:11.91
15Devon RobinsStockport Mo93Middlesex County SC Champs, Enfield05/12/09 9:15.41
16Isabel SpinleyStockport Mo00Deeping Club Championships, Deeping24/09/17 9:21.84
17Beatrice CloverStockport Mo04Stockport Metro, Life Leisure21/06/21 9:26.55
18Martha HurstStockport Mo04Cheshire County Championships 2018, Macclesfield27/01/18 9:27.99
19Nicola ChaddertonStockport Mo90Borough of Kirklees Meet 2005, Huddersfield15/01/05 9:28.96
20Catherine ParkerStockport Mo95Warriors of Warrington Mt, Warrington26/09/09 9:31.78
21Lucy AherneStockport Mo03Stockport Metro November Meet 2017, Stockport17/11/17 9:31.86
22Tara WalshStockport Mo90Cheshire County Championships, Various23/03/03 9:32.71
23Abbie ChristophersonStockport Mo03Cheshire County Championships, Macclesfield28/01/17 9:33.18
24Darcey MurphyStockport Mo07Cheshire County Championships, Macclesfield LC26/01/20 9:35.83
25Millie DuncanStockport Mo06Stockport Metro November SC Open Meet, Grand Central Pools15/11/19 9:38.71
26Rosie BancroftStockport Mo95Oxon & North Bucks County Championships, Aylesbury10/02/13 9:39.56
27Lucy MoffatStockport Mo91Stockport Metro Spring Meet, Stockport15/04/05 9:40.31
28Gina GascoigneStockport Mo01Stockport Metro November Meet 2015, Stockport20/11/15 9:40.93
29Elizabeth JacobsStockport07Cheshire County Swimming Championships 2023, Macclesfield21/01/23 9:42.13
30Emma RateStockport Mo94Stafford Apex Meet, Wolverhampton02/12/07 9:45.05
31Olivia HerronStockport Mo04Stockport Metro Club Championships 2018, Stockport19/09/18 9:45.75
32Rebecca PearsonStockport Mo02Wigan B.E.S.T SC Future Stars Open Meet, Wigan29/11/15 9:46.38
33Mia SmithStockport Mo05Cheshire County Championships, Macclesfield LC26/01/20 9:48.17
34Lydia KeeleyStockport Mo05Stockport Metro November Short Course Open Meet, Stockport16/11/18 9:49.65
35Alice RobinsStockport Mo03Cheshire County Championships, Macclesfield28/01/17 9:52.55
36Lily HadfieldStockport Mo99Stockport Metro SC Club Championships, Stockport01/10/14 9:56.24
37Emma FurberStockport Mo91Stockport Metro Spring Meet, Stockport15/04/0510:00.08
38Lily O'NeillStockport Mo08Trafford Metro Bor SC 2022 Club Championships, Sale03/07/2210:01.67
39Emily LinesN'wich Seals09Satellites of Macclesfield Distance Meet 2023, Macclesfield11/06/2310:02.44
40Lucy OsborneStockport Mo05Cheshire County Championships 2019, Macclesfield26/01/1910:03.67
41Kate RoodhouseStockport Mo97Stockport Metro SC Club Championships, Stockport18/09/1310:05.40
42Autum ClaxtonChadderton11Loughborough Swimming International SC Meet 2023, Moorways SV21/10/2310:05.57
43Eloise AshmanStockport Mo07New Member Short Course, Various23/03/1910:05.67
44Olivia FittonStockport Mo90Cheshire County Champs, Macclesfield12/03/0610:07.19
45Bridie FraneyStockport Mo00Stockport Metro SC Club Championships, Stockport01/10/1410:09.57
 Amelia Williams-BlakeStockport Mo08Trafford Metro Bor SC 2021 Club Championships, Sale29/11/2110:09.57
47Beth RobinsonStockport Mo06Stockport Metro, Life Leisure21/06/2110:12.13
48Ciara StandingStockport Mo99Stockport Metro SC Club Championships, Stockport01/10/1410:13.20
49Siena OxbyStockport Mo07Cheshire County WP&SA County Championships 2022, Macclesfield29/01/2210:14.13
50Kerry FurberStockport Mo91Borough of Kirklees Meet 2005, Huddersfield15/01/0510:14.69

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