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Long Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 26.2450607/02/16Northumberland & Durham County ChampsSunderlandNE1600711
100 Freestyle 57.5454127/02/16Northumberland & Durham County ChampsSunderlandNE1600721
200 Freestyle 2:13.2644808/02/15Northumberland & Durham County ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1506301
400 Freestyle 5:01.4838822/02/14Northumberland & Durham SA County ChampsSunderlandCC40651
1500 Freestyle19:29.0941312/10/13Northumberland & Durham SA Autumn MeetSunderlandNE38223
50 Breaststroke 33.2147726/02/17Northumberland & Durham SA 2017 ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1701901
100 Breaststroke 1:13.1447507/01/17City of Leeds New Year Meet 2017LeedsNE1701543
200 Breaststroke 2:38.1951301/03/15Northumberland & Durham County ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1506311
50 Butterfly 28.3848307/01/17City of Leeds New Year Meet 2017LeedsNE1701543
100 Butterfly 1:03.5348228/07/15British Summer ChampionshipsSheffieldASA1411
200 Butterfly 2:23.4147006/06/15ASA North East Regional Age Group ChampionshipsSheffieldNE1510231
50 Backstroke 31.8342807/02/15Northumberland & Durham County ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1506301
100 Backstroke 1:09.7041117/05/14City of Sunderland May Open 2014SunderlandNE43781
200 Backstroke 2:33.3538828/02/15Northumberland & Durham County ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1506311
200 Individual Medley 2:20.2753628/02/15Northumberland & Durham County ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1506311
400 Individual Medley 4:57.9754807/06/15ASA North East Regional Age Group ChampionshipsSheffieldNE1510231

Short Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 26.1546509/10/16City of Sunderland Short Course QualifierSunderlandNE1620662
100 Freestyle 56.9049219/11/16Stockport Metro November Open MeetStockportNW1607102
200 Freestyle 2:08.1046605/07/14Boldmere SC Water CarnivalBirminghamWM45633
400 Freestyle 4:32.7247111/02/17Middlesbrough ASC AA Grade 2017 GalaMiddlesbroughNE1701493
1500 Freestyle18:57.2441414/12/13Middlesborough ASC Junior Christmas GalaMiddlesboroughNE33153
50 Breaststroke 31.8649719/12/15ASA Winter MeetSheffieldASA1462
100 Breaststroke 1:10.6748722/11/15ASANER Regional Age Group ChampionshipsSunderlandNE1515492
200 Breaststroke 2:32.0549610/12/16Middlesbrough Christmas MeetMiddlesbroughNE1612763
50 Butterfly 27.7148608/10/16City of Sunderland Short Course QualifierSunderlandNE1620662
100 Butterfly 1:02.4145710/12/16Middlesbrough Christmas MeetMiddlesbroughNE1612763
200 Butterfly 2:24.2042606/07/14Boldmere SC Water CarnivalBirminghamWM45633
50 Backstroke 29.4243018/06/16Middlesbrough 2016 Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE1603553
100 Backstroke 1:04.2044119/06/16Middlesbrough 2016 Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE1603553
200 Backstroke 2:18.9843912/12/15Middlesborough Christmas Meet 2015MiddlesboroughNE1522733
200 Individual Medley 2:15.6752719/06/16Middlesbrough 2016 Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE1603553
400 Individual Medley 4:56.1750207/12/14ASANER BG Regional Age Group ChampsSunderlandNER4302
100 Individual Medley 1:04.7346918/06/16Middlesbrough 2016 Open MeetMiddlesbroughNE1603553

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