Individual Best Times (All Time)

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Long Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 37.1017911/10/08Stockton Open MeetLeedsNE83851
100 Freestyle 1:18.7321102/05/09Radford 27th Annual OpenSheffieldEM92142
200 Freestyle 3:03.3917219/01/08Rotherham Metro A/B MeetSheffieldNE80383
50 Breaststroke 44.3421102/05/09Radford 27th Annual OpenSheffieldEM92142
100 Breaststroke 1:33.2123006/06/09ASNER Bagcat ChampionshipSheffieldNER9191
200 Breaststroke 3:22.6324602/05/09Radford 27th Annual OpenSheffieldEM92142
50 Butterfly 47.8910220/01/08Rotherham Metro A/B MeetSheffieldNE80383
200 Butterfly 3:50.4511311/10/08Stockton Open MeetLeedsNE83851
100 Backstroke 1:32.3017708/06/08North East Bagcat ChampsSheffieldNER8201
200 Backstroke 3:28.8415320/01/08Rotherham Metro A/B MeetSheffieldNE80383
200 Individual Medley 3:11.0421202/05/09Radford 27th Annual OpenSheffieldEM92142
400 Individual Medley 6:25.5925202/05/09Radford 27th Annual OpenSheffieldEM92142

Short Course

StrokeTimeFINA PtsSwim DateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 34.9019508/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91112
100 Freestyle 1:14.4621909/05/09Middlesbrough OpenMiddlesbroughNE91031
200 Freestyle 2:42.3822904/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
400 Freestyle 5:39.2324405/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
50 Breaststroke 41.2522907/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91112
100 Breaststroke 1:29.5623906/03/10Northumberland & Durham CCMiddlesbroughCC00932
200 Breaststroke 3:10.5025201/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91102
50 Butterfly 38.2018501/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91102
100 Butterfly 1:28.5616304/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
200 Butterfly 3:12.6417805/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
50 Backstroke 40.4816528/02/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91102
100 Backstroke 1:28.1917004/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
200 Backstroke 3:02.4019407/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91112
200 Individual Medley 2:58.4223104/07/09Boldmere Water CarnivalBirminghamWM90493
400 Individual Medley 6:10.3425729/11/09North East Region ChampsSunderlandNER9222
100 Individual Medley 1:24.1221808/03/09Northumberland & DurhamMiddlesbroughCC91112

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