Individual Best Times (Last 12 Months)

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Long Course

StrokeLC TimeConverted to SCLC WA PtsDateMeetVenueLicenceLevel
50 Freestyle 31.09 30.4043717/03/24Derby Excel Spring Qualifier 2024SheffieldEM2401361
100 Freestyle 1:06.86 1:05.6046217/03/24Derby Excel Spring Qualifier 2024SheffieldEM2401361
200 Freestyle 2:23.46 2:21.0048628/04/24SENW Regional Summer Championships 2024ManchesterNW2403051
400 Freestyle 5:02.51 4:57.8047128/04/24SENW Regional Summer Championships 2024ManchesterNW2403051
800 Freestyle10:26.5510:17.2046327/04/24SENW Regional Summer Championships 2024ManchesterNW2403051
50 Breaststroke 46.03 45.3025427/08/23Sprint With The Stars 2023LondonLR2314593
50 Butterfly 34.62 34.1035117/03/24Derby Excel Spring Qualifier 2024SheffieldEM2401361
50 Backstroke 36.56 36.0039616/03/24Derby Excel Spring Qualifier 2024SheffieldEM2401361
100 Backstroke 1:15.87 1:14.8043117/03/24Derby Excel Spring Qualifier 2024SheffieldEM2401361
200 Backstroke 2:43.77 2:41.7042528/04/24SENW Regional Summer Championships 2024ManchesterNW2403051

Short Course

StrokeSC TimeConverted to LCSC WA PtsDateMeetVenueLicenseLevel
50 Freestyle 31.25 31.9039521/01/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403072
100 Freestyle 1:06.66 1:07.9042828/01/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403082
200 Freestyle 2:24.16 2:26.6044803/02/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403092
400 Freestyle 5:04.08 5:08.7044020/01/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403072
800 Freestyle10:26.7010:35.9044203/02/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403092
50 Breaststroke 44.33 45.0026216/12/23Satellites Last Chance County Qualifier 2023MacclesfieldNW2325873
100 Breaststroke 1:36.25 1:37.6027117/12/23Satellites Last Chance County Qualifier 2023MacclesfieldNW2325873
200 Breaststroke 3:22.63 3:25.2029217/12/23Satellites Last Chance County Qualifier 2023MacclesfieldNW2325873
50 Butterfly 34.52 35.1035203/02/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403092
100 Butterfly 1:17.94 1:18.9033328/01/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403082
200 Butterfly 3:00.81 3:02.6028916/12/23Satellites Last Chance County Qualifier 2023MacclesfieldNW2325873
50 Backstroke 35.51 36.1035903/02/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403092
100 Backstroke 1:15.71 1:16.8038121/10/23North Midlands Annual Championships 2023MacclesfieldNW2316343
200 Backstroke 2:41.60 2:43.7039827/01/24Cheshire County Championships 2024MacclesfieldNW2403082
200 Individual Medley 2:48.55 2:50.9037722/10/23North Midlands Annual Championships 2023MacclesfieldNW2316343
400 Individual Medley 6:04.00 6:08.8035924/09/23Satellites of Macclesfield Tri Club Champs 2023MacclesfieldNW2321024
100 Individual Medley 1:18.90 1:18.9036726/11/23Cheshire County 18th Junior Graded Meet 2023MacclesfieldNW2325343

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