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Family Name  

Norwich Swan Club Championships 2022 - ER220929

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClubEventRoundTimeWA Pts
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 BreaststrokeH 32.47453
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan100 BreaststrokeH 1:12.84437
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 BackstrokeH 30.84374
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 BackstrokeH 2:25.68381
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyH 2:22.05459
1205145Lewis Andrews07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyF 2:22.05459
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 FreestyleH 26.59435
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan100 FreestyleH 58.28455
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 BreaststrokeH 34.95363
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan100 BreaststrokeH 1:19.57335
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 BreaststrokeH 2:56.32316
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 ButterflyH 30.48363
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan100 ButterflyH 1:08.65337
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan50 BackstrokeH 31.58348
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyH 2:28.96398
1109817Finlay Arnup07Open/MaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyF 2:28.96398
1223688Amara Addison07FemaleNorwich Swan100 FreestyleH 59.05616
1223688Amara Addison07FemaleNorwich Swan50 BackstrokeH 29.24645
1223688Amara Addison07FemaleNorwich Swan100 BackstrokeH 1:04.92604
1223688Amara Addison07FemaleNorwich Swan100 Individual MedleyH 1:08.36564
1223688Amara Addison07FemaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyH 2:29.13545
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan50 FreestyleH 35.91260
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan100 FreestyleH 1:13.25322
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan50 BreaststrokeH 48.53203
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan100 BreaststrokeH 1:45.62205
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan200 BreaststrokeH 3:42.15222
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan50 ButterflyH 36.85289
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan100 ButterflyH 1:28.32236
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan50 BackstrokeH 40.45243
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan100 BackstrokeH 1:28.56238
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan100 Individual MedleyH 1:28.59259
1348904Iyla Addison10FemaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyH 3:05.02285
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan50 BreaststrokeH 33.92596
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan100 ButterflyH 1:09.30488
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan100 BackstrokeH 1:10.95463
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan200 BackstrokeH 2:27.73521
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan100 Individual MedleyH 1:08.55560
1146904Katie Andrews04FemaleNorwich Swan200 Individual MedleyH 2:24.82595

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