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Hart SC Autumn Level 3 Open Meet 2023 - SE232050

MemberNameYoBEligibility CategoryClub SwumEventRoundTimeWA Pts
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 FreestyleF 36.04175
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 FreestyleF 41.32116
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale100 FreestyleF 1:19.31180
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale100 FreestyleF 1:29.17127
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 FreestyleF 2:46.71211
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 FreestyleF 3:26.95110
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 BreaststrokeF 44.20179
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 BreaststrokeF 51.81111
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale100 BreaststrokeF 1:36.18189
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale100 BreaststrokeF 1:55.41109
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 BreaststrokeF 3:28.05192
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 BreaststrokeF 4:00.95124
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 ButterflyF 1:01.0545
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 BackstrokeF 41.64149
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale50 BackstrokeF 49.5388
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale100 BackstrokeF 1:29.82155
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 BackstrokeF 3:10.45170
1504141Frederick Lancaster11Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 Individual MedleyF 3:15.21177
1577599Timothy Lancaster13Open/MaleAbingdonVale200 Individual MedleyF 3:44.74116

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