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Family Name  

Cheshunt Anniversary Open Meet - ER190525

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1380601Elias Ayad06MaleBo Newham50 FreestyleH 38.36147
1380601Elias Ayad06MaleBo Newham50 BackstrokeH 45.75114
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham50 FreestyleH 30.13304
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham100 FreestyleH 1:08.66280
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham50 BreaststrokeH 41.81220
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham50 ButterflyH 35.58230
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham50 BackstrokeH 35.84238
1281934Ismail Ayad04MaleBo Newham100 BackstrokeH 1:17.43251
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC50 FreestyleH 32.34356
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC100 FreestyleH 1:14.74303
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC50 BreaststrokeH 43.72281
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC100 BreaststrokeH 1:35.14281
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC50 ButterflyH 34.56351
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC100 ButterflyH 1:18.55336
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC50 BackstrokeH 37.78313
1200850Rosie Adamson05FemaleClacton SC100 BackstrokeH 1:23.18289
1421277Isabella Ahlowalia09FemaleHatfield50 FreestyleH 45.85125
1421277Isabella Ahlowalia09FemaleHatfield50 BreaststrokeH 53.85150
1421277Isabella Ahlowalia09FemaleHatfield50 BackstrokeH 55.5398
1421277Isabella Ahlowalia09FemaleHatfield100 Individual MedleyH 1:56.85113
1240057Maja Alexander06FemaleHatfield50 FreestyleH 30.43427
1240057Maja Alexander06FemaleHatfield100 FreestyleH 1:06.90423
1240057Maja Alexander06FemaleHatfield50 BackstrokeH 36.07360
1240057Maja Alexander06FemaleHatfield100 BackstrokeH 1:19.68329
1347568Nicole Angelova09FemaleBo Newham50 FreestyleH 37.09236
1347568Nicole Angelova09FemaleBo Newham100 FreestyleH 1:25.05206
1347568Nicole Angelova09FemaleBo Newham100 BreaststrokeH 1:50.85178
1347568Nicole Angelova09FemaleBo Newham50 BackstrokeH 44.87187
1347568Nicole Angelova09FemaleBo Newham100 BackstrokeH 1:35.04194
1425658Mahalah Angwin-Pope08FemaleStevenage50 FreestyleH 45.38129
532173Holly Atkins01FemaleCheshunt50 FreestyleH 31.41389

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